Boris & Vallance Bombshells!

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Wow… did you see yesterday’s COVID press briefing? 2x scientifically honest bombshells. Here’s the first, repeated TWICE re the vaccine rollout.

I can’t imagine this was an accidental letting down of their guard. Every element of this briefing is scripted. So the question is, why this uncharacteristic honesty without the spin and hand waving?

😯 And the honesty keeps coming! This time on the over sensitivity of #PCR tests and the govts pivot to Lateral Flow (#LFD) tests as a central component of their surveillance and enablement testing strategy.

👀 Look back at our post from yesterday that visualises this LFD pivot that has been underway since mid November, as well as documenting the sheer difference in current positivity between both tests (11.7% vs 0.6% !).

UK Govt pivoting to LFD Tests
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👌🏼 This supports the messaging of over 6 months from those exposing the myriad of accuracy issues regarding the use PCR Tests outside of Acute hospital diagnosis.

Net-net, this second bombshell from Boris and Vallance yesterday may just help bring credence to those dissenting expert voices over the last 9 months, and to slowly re-wire the populations blind faith in the COVID response.

🤔 That said, this was not a ball being dropped by Govt. This will play into psychologist guidance and public sentiment feedback they have received in order work on their massive trust issues and no doubt to seed the next part of the plan… i.e. “Vaccines are amazing, see!” (because  of the LFD pivot) and to now embrace daily LFD testing and health apps in the workplace, schools, transport and public spaces.

😒 Sorry, after a year of this, I’ve grown incredibly cynical of Govts motives, statements and behaviours. 



10th Feb 2021 UK COVID Press Briefing. Visualisation on the LFD pivot linked below 👇🏼


The Original Facebook Post – Boris not sure on vaccine benefit

The Original Facebook Post – PCR tests too sensitive

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  1. Hello, Thanks for your good work, Steve. Today I will write to four hospitals in Toronto to take them to task about a number of issues. mask efficacy, m RNA injections and the PCR machine which we know was not invented to make a diagnoses.. I enjoy your read every Sunday.
    P.S.Whenever I share this idea with others in the building, they just roll their eyes.

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