CDC Vaccine Safety Surveillance Update

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CDC COVID-19 vaccine safety surveillance update, 27th Jan. It reads well, and offers the level of transparency we need in the UK👇🏼

This presentation briefing pack from CDC is well worth a read. The link is within the comment directly below.👇🏼

💉 23.5 million doses administered as of 18th Jan, with 9,000 adverse events, 196 deaths across all ages, 28 deaths in under 65’s, and 125 deaths in care home settings subsequent to Pfizer/Moderna vaccination.

ℹ️ All the above data comes from the VAERS, which is co-managed by CDC and FDA. They explain the process of reporting events/deaths, and assert these are all hypotheses that need to be investigated by their teams before declaring as a vaccine injury.

👍🏼 Even if all the deaths were directly caused by the vaccines – which their investigations suggest not – there is minimal signal of there being a safety concern.

They arrive at these conclusions on the basis of comparing general death numbers from said age group and/or from specific causes of deaths that were stated on the death certs, and contrasting that to those post-vaccine. Timeframe matched/

If the deaths post-vaccine are tiny in comparison to the general data, that would suggest there is no safety signal to be currently concerned about.

CDC Vaccine Safety Update 27th Jan

Don’t get too excited…

Don’t get me wrong, there could be some handwaving here, but the data so far looks very encouraging in terms of current SHORT TERM safety profile.

🤷🏻‍♂️These insights do NOT speak to long-term effects on health or function that 1 or 2 doses of the various vaccines will have, so it is far too early to declare these vaccines benign and healthy.

It does however calm concerns of acute or short term severe effects.

❌ As this is a Safety Update, it offers no insight as to the usefulness of these vaccines and the associated vaccine push. 

❓Are the vaccines necessary from a risk perspective, do they prevent illness and severe infection, and are they durable? Moreover, if they are valuable, who specifically do they benefit that otherwise would suffer using their own immune system?

🗓 Questions we will need to park for quite a long time…

One rule for Vaccines…

🇬🇧 We in the UK need the same level or better transparency from the MHRA and PHE. Why do we not have these insights?

Vagueness and opaqueness creates concern and distrust. If we have similar or better safety data… then share it ASAP!!

😠 Lastly, I have one gripe with this report. They lean in on the inevitability of the most elderly and frail people dying soon, and as such we cannot take it to mean the Vaccine tipped them over the edge. A reasonable position to take…


…why do we not deploy the SAME LOGIC FOR PCR POSITIVE DEATHS in those similar cohorts⁉️

What we are seeing here is selectively dismissing logic when it is inconvenient, and then leveraging that same logic when people want to prove the safety and utility of vaccines.

☝🏼That, for me, is double standards and cannot be tolerated. Pick a lane, and use it across all scenarios… PCR Positives, Serious Infections and Vaccines.




CDC ACIP COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Update, 27th Jan – linked below.



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  1. Can we see some ONS data on deaths in care homes since the vaccinations were started there. I saw some weekly data from 8.1 when it went from approx 800 to 1200 to 1800. and then I saw nothing? A whistleblower – manager in a care home for 30 years has said she and her colleagues are so worried about the numbers testing positive after the vaccinations in care homes – they are finding it difficult. My friend’s Mum is one of 19 who tested positive straight after vaccination when there had been no C-19 in the home prior. Her Mum had symptoms, recovered and then got clots on her lungs and ended up in hospital for 5 days and fortunately recovered.

    We need to see if there are any more problems on 2nd vaccination especially after such a long gap which has not been clinically tested. I am also very concerned about ADE or priming and long term issues. It is wrong to say all deaths if there is a positive test 28 days before are included as covid deaths (especially as the PCR test is completely flawed and doesn’t confirm infection) but you can’t have a vaccine and then die and it be related to the treatment?

    Of course we do have treatments that have been proved in many studies to be effective and stop the early infective symptoms, hospitalisations and death but they are not being used. We wouldn’t need emergency measures, legislation and emergency licenses if we had used HCQ and zinc, Ivermectin and calcifediol treatments.

  2. Hi Steve Katasi, thank you for this, I see no good reason to dispute their findings!, it would very much surprise me if the vaccine for a very nearly harmless virus could cause much trouble, there is one small point I think I should raise, in your remarks you say something about the human immune system as if there is some difference between the way it works with a vaccine and the way it works with an infection, it is and always is the same immune system!, each of us has an immune system which works for us in its own peculiar way and is sometimes compromised by problems of one sort or another but apart from the severity of adverse symptoms the system always works the same!. Cheers, Richard.

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