DEC-18 LADIES #HyperWorkouts – Day 4/4 – FULL

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🆕 #HyperWorkouts Programme, the last of 2018! What a year…

Join in on Michelle’s REAL phased-programming Workouts throughout the year, in pursuit of her 2018-2019 Body Goals – a healthy lean feminine physique with strong curves. No light weight for demo vid purposes – what you see here is raw. Sweat, strain and form-challenging sets!


With Ladies DEC-18 #HyperWorkouts, we are going for Higher Rep & Increased Isolation Work, to mix up the stimulus, take a break from the heavy CNS demanding lifting, and to illicit more frequency and volume for hypertrophy plateau busting. Plus, there are 4x Strength Days scheduled through the 8-weeks to maintain strength gains.

Ladies DEC-18 DAY 4 of 4, FULL

Day 4 – other than your quads, no stone will be left unturned! Today you’ll hit both upper and Lowe body with equal force, as well as an Ab giant set finisher. This is s great workout, lots of fun, but expect to feel the burn across your glutes, calves, arms, abs and hamstrings! Enjoy.


1️⃣ Barbell Hip Thrusts – 3x 8-12

2️⃣ Bicep Barbell Row – 3x 12-15

3️⃣ Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – 3x 12-15

4️⃣ Single-Leg Deadlift (mixed stance) – 3x 8-12

5️⃣ Assisted Chin Ups  – 3x 8-12

6️⃣ Band-Resisted Standing Calf Raises – 3x 20-25

7️⃣ Clam Shell with Hip Circle – 3x 15-20

8️⃣ 3x Ab Giant Set – 10x Lying Leg Raises, 10x Jack Knives & 30s RKC Plank

🎬 For FULL videos of each of the exercises performed in this Workout, check out the DEC-18 Ladies #HyperWorkouts @AdapNation Instagram tiles.

Days 1, 2 & 3 can be found on the AdapNation YouTube channel, #HyperWorkouts and our instagram feed!

  • Bicep Barbell Row – Whilst it looks like a normal row, you will be turning your palms up. Still aim for a full and long range of motion, but this time the biceps will be turned on much more than normal bent over rows.
  • Mixed Stance Single Leg Deadlifts – This is one of those ‘feel good’ movement, as you will get strong hamstring and glute stretch in you straight leg, whilst all the balancing muscles are firing I the opposing leg and your core.
  • Chin Ups – Most ladies need some assistance with chin ups, and that’s absolutes normal. Either use a thick resistance pull-up band and hook it under your feet, or use a Chip-Up machine if your gym has one. The key is to make it as hard as you can manage, and get a full range of motion.
  • Mobility & Pre-Activation – The idea is to work on dynamic stretches and short power work to warm up your limbs into full range of motion and to do a little work on muscle recruitment timing. This will help you feel mentally and physically prepared for your working sets. That said, what you choose to do will depend on your weaknesses or mobility issues.
  • Cardio – Very little in the way of cardio. Honestly, if you go full out on this workout, you’ll not have the capacity for anymore. The intent of the cardio finisher is simply some light active recovery. To get the blood flowing into your limbs and begin the process of flushing out the metabolic waste buildup. Do too much cardio and it will be catabolic – not good.

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