The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey: an intro (part 1)

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The mission at AdapNation is simple. Help you #BeYourBest.

Maybe it’s a profound life altering change you’ll stumble across here, or maybe it will be small incremental improvements, which when stacked day after day could have a huge impact on your quality of life and how you show up for all those around you.

Competing With Others VS Giving To Our Future Self

I strongly believe life’s ‘juice’ is in seeking to improve ourselves in some way, day after day, week after week. It’s this growth and betterment that creates an ever changing experience, as opposed to a Groundhog Day spinning-your-wheels kind of existence.

And with that slightly better version of you today, you can achieve slightly more, as well as improving the lives of those around you, including your own.

Sharpening The Saw – A famous metaphor used by Lincoln and Covey to describe personal growth

But let’s be clear, it’s a hard, almost impossible game to be THE best, as there will always be others who are better, faster, bigger, stronger, slimmer, smarter, funnier, richer, more popular and more capable than us.

That’s not defeatist, it’s just the reality in a world of 7.6 Billion people. If we measure ourselves against the #Instafamous it has the potential impact of getting us down – as our assumed source of inspiration just confirms the huge gap between the ‘best’ and our current situation.

It’s a losing game to compete with the world. Instead, how about we compete with ourselves from yesterday? Or better still, how about we GIVE to our future self of tomorrow, next month and next year?

Calling BTTF fanboys! Your future you needs your help. Pay it forward.

That’s where ALL the goodness is. To grow, develop and love yourself, such that you can show up and deliver more value whilst you’re on this Earth. Because, when you break it down, we’re all here to make the world a better place, in our own little way.

Some will shoot for the stars and wish to change the way we live as a global society. Others will feel their calling is more intimate, where they devote everything they have to their children and immediate family, so they can continue to pay it forward in ever increasing circles of influence.

The only ‘wrong’ approach is living life without any sense of purpose or worth – not having something to drive your actions and demand your best.

The meaning of life
Perfectly said by Pablo Picasso

As Life Gets More Complicated and Noisy… We Need A Clear HOW-TO Signal

As I zoom out on my own life to date, it’s been a hugely exciting life of growth, development, change and achievement. Most of the growth has come from trial and error, personal curiosity and the moments of wisdom passed on from friends and coaches.

At 38 years old, whilst I’m incredibly proud of the journey I’ve taken so far, without a doubt the most personally transforming period of my life has been over the last 3 years, from early 2016.

Just Getting Started
No regrets, no complaints. But, it really does feel like things are just getting started…

Sure, there have been massive shifts in maturity, capability, compassion, knowledge and material achievements throughout the last 25 years, but success for me has always come with a certain lack of why or so what?

Plus, being an all-in guy, the pendulum would swing between areas of maniacal focus – meaning that career came at the expense of fatherhood, or earnings came at the expense of wellness.

The pendulum swings
The Pendulum Swings – as so often in focussed people, one thing gets most of the attention…

In 2016 however, I subconsciously adjusted the course of my life, which has lead to the last two and a half years of total immersion when it comes to all things MINDSET, NUTRITION, REST & REPLENISHMENT, EXERCISE and PHYSIQUE.

I cannot begin to describe how profound my inner life has changed, and as such how the external game has shifted to one of great purpose, pleasure and excitement.

And it’s with that newfound purpose that I’ve configured my whole life around helping people be their best, through my own self discovery and sharing that as openly and freely as possible with anyone and everyone who are ready and willing to get more out of life.

AdapNation - Be Your Best
My innate desire – to help you be your best. If you’re ready to grow a little more…

How I intend to do that is through AdapNation. So far in 2019, 500+ articles and blogs have been published, 200+ hours have been recorded on our AdapNation Podcast, 90+ videos have been shared, 1000+ posts on IG, and 180+ healthy Meal ideas have been created and put up on the AdapNation Food Diary.

But here’s the reality, this is A LOT of information!

Too much to personally navigate through, especially when you add it to all the other sources of information/noise coming at you at 100 miles and hour. Multiply that by the rate of new content AdapNation and others are producing daily, and it can quickly feel overwhelming.

Mind blown
The internet can be like…

There is another way. A way to help guide someone keen to grow through the five priorities of MINDSET, NUTRITION, REST & REPLENISHMENT, EXERCISE and PHYSIQUE in an achievable, sequential and self-paced way

To Get To Our ‘Destination’ We Must First Know Where We Are

Over 2018 and 2019, I’ll be busy working away on a means to help systematically take you and thousands of others on a journey of self-improvement.

This journey will help organise and present insights, knowledge, tools and words of inspiring encouragement to you over a course of a transformation period. It will be called the #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey.

The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey
READ MORE: AdapNation’s #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey

But before we get ahead of ourselves, wishing for more, wishing for better and wanting it now – we must first understand the current state of affairs. Where are you right now, across your MINDSET, NUTRITION, REST & REPLENISHMENT, EXERCISE and PHYSIQUE?

It’s an important question. We can’t improve what we don’t measure. Or at least we cannot do it well, and with deliberate purpose.

To measure is to know Lord Kelvin
To measure is to really know. And from there, we can purposefully improve

If you agree, then take a look at the #BeYourBest Scorecard, that attempts to to help you plot your current state, followed by setting a goal for the near future.

I actually built this Scorecard to help myself understand the changes that I have made over the last couple years, and give me a sense of improvement potential as I look into the near future.

For me, and those who have given it a quick test run, it’s an eye opening and somewhat instructional tool, as it gives you clues on what better can look like based on where you are today.

Introducing the #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Scorecard

#BeYourBest Scorecard Example
GET YOR SCORE: #BeYourBest Scorecard – get your score, or read on to see Steve’s scores…

Want to see what this scorecard is about, and what your #BeYourBest score is? If so, continue reading…

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AdapNation #BeYourBest Scorecard
The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey – The Scorecard [PART 2]

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