The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey: the scorecard part 2)

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AdapNation #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey
The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey – An Introduction [PART 1]

The (early draft) #BeYourBest Scorecard

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - scorecard

The Intent Of The Scorecard

The idea behind this scorecard is that it helps you and I honestly evaluate where you are right now in terms of optimal wellness of mind and body, and what steps you may consider taking over the coming months to help you show up to the maximum… and thrive!

It perfectly dovetails into the #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey from AdapNation, where we’ll support you in encouraging small incremental shifts across these four Self-Optimisation Priorities over the course of 100 days.

AdapNation #BeYourBest - helping you thrive
#BeYourBest Journey – Helping you show up to the maximum… and THRIVE!

The Interconnectedness Between Mindset and Nutrition, Rest and Exercise

There are five self-optimisation priorities in the #BeYourBest Scorecard, in this order – (P1) MINDSET, (P2) NUTRITION, (P3) REST & REPLENISH(P4) EXERCISE and (P5) PHYSIQUE.

Here’s the thing though, whilst they are distinct in how they can be evaluated, described and developed, they are inextricable interconnected. Each can have a profound impact on one another, which means if one is poor it will inevitably impact one or all of the others.

Let Me Give You An Example – Sleep.

A hard lesson I’ve unknowingly battled all my life, up until this year. If you get just one poor nights sleep of only a few hours on interrupted sleep, you will wake up less energised, positive and compassionate. You will likely struggle with complex tasks, will be more likely to procrastinate, and may likely drop some positive morning rituals.

How tiredness impacts you
Even if you don’t ‘feel’ tired, your concentration, positivity, compassion and patience will wane

The lack of energy will have you crave calorie dense and high-sugar/fat foods, that makes dieting harder.

You will have not repaired your body from the damage caused by exercise as effectively as you could, and the reduction in testosterone, increase in cortisol, and the general lack of energy will mean you have a less than ideal workout, if you even decide to train that day.

Moreover, you’ll likely be more short with your colleagues, friends and families than you would if you slept well, meaning there is risk of increased social tension.

Phone in Bed
ARTICLE: check out ‘Top 10 Sleeping Hacks – & Why You Should Care’

And all of this (and more) can happen with just one poor night sleep. Get into the habit (as I did) of only getting 5-6h a poor quality sleep per night combined with working really late and starting again early, and this overall lack of restorative rest and recovery can have an enormous impact on MINDSET, NUTRITION & EXERCISE.

PODCAST: If you prefer to listen in on the discussion of sleep, check this episode out

And That’s Only The Tip Of The Iceberg…

The relationship between these four is incredibly damaging and extraordinarily powerful.

Without realising, your food choices can make a BIG impact on the quality of your thoughts and general cognitive sharpness (aka MINDSET).

Getting into the groove of working out rain-or-shine and deliberately seeking body composition and strength improvements has the incredible effect of spurring on positive change in many other facets of your life (aka MINDSET).

Putting just 10-15mins aside for a daily mindfulness practice can significantly increase your level of calm, clarity and compassion – as it has for me (aka MINDSET).

You see, resolving your bad diet habits can make a huge difference to your body and relationship with food, but it can have a much bigger difference too – if you allow it.

Likewise, if you see necessary change as only losing weight, through long term abstinence and beating yourself up in the gym, then achieving your body goal may feel somewhat empty, temporary and without purpose.

A hollow Victory
A Hollow Victory – Success without purpose and value can sometime feel pretty empty…

That said, if you can evaluate yourself holistically, and take small incrementally steps to be a slightly better version of yourself today than you were yesterday, across these four Priorities, just think about where you could end up in a year! It’s compounding interest for your body and mind, and for those around you.

We’re not talking about massive change from one day to the next, albeit you could absolutely make some big changes in an instant if you are ready to do so, but instead committing to making small permanent shifts in the right direction.

Be kind to yourself. Care for your future self. Pay it forward by vowing to make your life richer, more energised and full of growth and value creation. You deserve to be great, in whatever way you define greatness for you. Let’s do this – it’s time to #BeYourBest.

Reaching for greatness
Support and fuel your future self to reach for your definition of Greatness

How It Works

At the highest level, this is what you do, for this early draft of the #BeYourBest Scorecard:

[DEC ’19 UPDATE: since writing, we’ve launched the fully automated online #BeYourBest scorecard, that’s easier to use and more comprehensive. check it out HERE]

Step By Step Instructions

1 Evaluate Nutrition, Rest & Replenish and Exercise independently, using the notes for what Poor, Good, Great, Optimal & Extreme look like.
2 Give Yourself a Score of 1-10 based on where you fit on each of the three spectrums, or potentially even 11-12 if you are truly operating at Optimal levels.
3 Cumulative Behaviours – The idea is that the habits and behaviours described in the scorecard are cumulative in nature, meaning Great builds on Good, and Optimal builds on from the habits of Great. The exception is the Poor category, which describes mostly ineffective habits that should be replaced with those from the other categories.
4 Scoring Extreme Behaviours – For some, you may have moved beyond Optimal and entered some Extreme behaviours. If you identify with this category, score yourself within the Good score range, or whatever makes most sense for you based on results.
5 Then, look to evaluate your Mindset – This of course will be more subjective, but you will know whether you are ‘on-fire’, or if something is lacking. The score for Mindset ranges from 10-70, to acknowledge that it makes up a huge part of how you show up, however you cannot reach your full mindset or human potential without blending Mindset with the other Priorities. **
6 Add Up Your Scores (= M + N + R + E) – With those four scores of MINDSET, NUTRITION, REST & REPLENISH and EXERCISE, plot them on the #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation 100-point Scale.  The lowest score is 13, whilst the highest score could burst through 100% and get to 106. *
7 Set Your Future Goal – Once you’ve established an honest evaluation of where you are today, scan through the higher brackets of performance and give yourself a target to aim for, say over the next 6-12 months. Be realistic, but equally expect bold and brilliant advances, because this is all within your control.


* 100+ Score –  I suspect there are very few people who are operating at this level of Self-Optimisation, as this means being perfectly dialled into all four priorities all of the time. But, for those who come close – life is AMAZING!

** Extra note on MINDSET score – As mentioned earlier, Mindset impacts AND is impacted by the other Priorities. It’s a complex measurement, and a complex subject to evaluate in isolation. You also don’t know your full potential – instead you only have memories of when you have been your best. As such, be kind to yourself, but be honest on how you are showing up mentally, and acknowledge that the positive impact on mindset if you were eating, resting and exercising optimally. For this reason, you cannot get to 100 in isolation.

Hope that makes sense….

AdapNation's Big announcement of the #BeYourBest Journey
PODCAST: In this podcast, Steve talks about the NEW #BeYourBest Scorecard & Journey from 1:06:40

#BeYourBest Caveat

It’s important that I make clear that this is NOT the ONLY Way.

I’ve transformed my life with the progression outlined in the #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey, and it mirrors the transformations made in tens of thousands of lives that you can hear online, through growth-oriented channels and by some of the most renowned self-improvement global leaders such as Tony Robbins.

But, the intent here is to not be dogmatic. You may have found a way to thrive using a few different approaches. That’s totally cool – and well done! 👍  I suspect the scorecard will resonate at 90% of what people think great looks like, with the acceptance there will be some room for debate and a difference of opinion.

It's OK to disagree
Just kidding! 😉

An Example – Steve’s Self-Assessment – Early 2016, Now & 2019 Goal

With complete honesty and transparency, I’ll share with you my before, current and future goal states, so you can get an idea of the change potential, and to see that I’ve operated on flawed practices for much of my life – some through ignorance and others through naivety.

Check out 👉  Steve’s #BeYourBest Self-Assessment and commentary of his transformation.

Digging Into The Scorecard Scoring Per Priority Area

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - scorecard

Priority One – MINDSET

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Priority 0 Mindset

As outlined above, MINDSET is both impacted and impacts the other Priorities. It is also the most subjective.

There are numerous mindset, character and personality measurements, including psychoanalysis and other tests commonly found within the workplace.

Instead of getting too technical here, I’d ask that you get self-reflective here, and combine a logical evaluation combined with a gut feeling. A topic for another post, but there is exciting research on our second brain – our gut(!), and how our microbiome and GI can communicate instinct via the vagus nerve, gut created hormones and our bloodstream. So, time to give more credit to your gut feeling!

Your Second Brain
The Enteric Nervous System – your second brain, within your gut!

And remember, if you think you’ve got your sh1t together mentally, but all the other three priorities are in a sorry state, there is mindset potential untapped. I know, the difference between sheer willpower and grit driving your mindset versus willpower combined with an energised body is HUGE!

That said, here are some aspects to qualitatively measure yourself against, to help guide your assessment.

  1. Growth Mindset – How habitually motivated are you to develop new ideas, gain new insights and learn new skills? Do you proactively seek to grow in some way every day?
  2. Positive – How often do you see circumstance through a positive lens, versus react with negativity to situations either in or out of your control?
  3. Energised – How lit up are you? Are you fighting a general sense of fatigue or resistance in life, or does working on hard and demanding positive activities come with relative ease?
  4. Calm – How calm and balanced are you? Do you flare up with a stress, anxiety, frustration or anger response too often, are are you unflappable?
  5. Caring – How often do you organise your thoughts and actions around doing good and helping others, versus obsessing about your situation? How well do you care for yourself?
  6. Creative – Are you able to problem solve, brainstorm and generate new ideas with relative ease, or are you more often left with unanswered questions and a vacant mind?
  7. Productive – Do you get stuff done, in a self-driven and personally accountable manner? Or do you procrastinate, ignore and wait until someone is on your case before you produce?
  8. Awareness – How good is your ‘peripheral vision’, so to speak? Do you have a sixth sense type of clarity regarding your surroundings, social circle and business, or do you feel somewhat blinded when it comes to foresight?
  9. Courage – How willing are you to put yourself out there, where there is high potential for failure and scrutiny? Will you do it anyway, or do you over-insulate yourself from being vulnerable?


AdapNation #BeYourBest - Mindset Qualities
AdapNation #BeYourBest – Some important qualities to measure your Mindset

You may also benefit from reading the 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson, which is a fantastic book that helps understand both meaning, purpose and how to optimally operate mentally.

12 Rules For Life Jordan B Peterson
12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson

Told you it’s subjective and raw! The following Priorities of NUTRITION, REST & REPLENISH and EXERCISE (and PHYSIQUEare much more black and white, albeit there is definitely some room for interpretation…

Scoring & Descriptions of Nutrition, Rest & Exercise

For each of NUTRITION, REST & REPLENISH and EXERCISE,  there’s a 1-12 point scale, where 11-12 is reserved for those who have everything dialled in, and is not essential to aspire towards. There are five categories – Poor, Good, Great, Optimal and Extreme. Extreme is considered counter productive to ultimate wellness and self-optimisation, and should be scored within the Good category.

The idea here being that the below behaviours and actions are indicative collectively of said category, and not individually damning, nor an exhaustive rigid list.

The most important thing is that you are honest with yourself. There’s no value in conveniently lying to yourself, as that will just mask the reality, and will perhaps prevent you from taking the necessary actions.

NOTE: Arrows give a brief insight into Steve’s Before, Current and Goals states. Check out 👉  Steve’s #BeYourBest Self-Assessment and commentary of his transformation.

[DEC ’19 UPDATE: since writing, we’ve launched the fully automated online #BeYourBest scorecard, that’s easier to use and more comprehensive. check it out HERE]

Priority Two – NUTRITION

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Priority One Nutrition


AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Nutrition Poor

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Nutrition Good

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Nutrition Great

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Nutrition Optimal

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Nutrition Extreme

Priority Three – REST & REPLENISH

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Rest Priority 2


AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Rest Poor

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Rest Good

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Rest Great

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Rest Optimal

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Rest Extreme

Priority Four – EXERCISE

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Priority 3 Exercise


AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Exercise Poor

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Exercise Good


AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Exercise Great

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Exercise Optimal

AdapNation's #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Exercise Extreme


#BeYourBest Scorecard Example
Where did you score across Mindset, Nutrition, Rest & Exercise? GET YOUR SCORE NOW

What is Your #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Score?

I would LOVE ❤️ to hear from you with your current score across the four priorities, and where you would like to end up in the next 6-12 months.

We’re all unique and have very different experiences in this world to date. I’m genuinely fascinated to hear where you’re at, and what you think your big rocks are to focus on.


Want to see Steve’s dramatic before and after #BeYourBest Scores, with an insight into the catalyst for change and the whole body and mind transformation? Continue reading…

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AdapNation #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey - Steve's Scorecard Feature
The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey – Steve’s Scores [PART 3]
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AdapNation #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey
The #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey – An Introduction [PART 1]

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