JUN-18 #HyperWorkouts – Day 4/4 – Hypertrophy Lower

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New month, new #HyperWorkouts Programme.

Join in on Steve’s REAL phased-programming Workouts throughout the year, in pursuit of his 2018-2019 Body Goals. No light weight for demo vid purposes – what you see here is raw. sweat, strain and form-challenging sets!


  1. High-Volume Quad Dominant – Exercise variations selected to make this a demanding day for the quads, to illicit strength and muscle gains
  2. Ab Work – Lots of core bracing work every day, but adding some extra abs isolation for the beach!


JUN-18 #HyperWorkouts Day 4 Workout

JUN-2018 #HyperWorkouts (8 Week Programme)

WHO – This phase would be best suited for an Intermediate/Advanced Lifter due to the high volume involved, the added complexity of the undulating rep ranges and the heavy work requiring good form control.

WHAT – For June & July, we have a plateau-breaking 4-day programme where each workout is full body in nature to maximise adaptation stimulus, but has an alternating emphasis on Upper or Lower Body. Additionally, Days 1 and 2 are focussed on building Strength, whereas Days 3 and 4 are higher-rep Hypertrophy work for developing muscle.

Also, there’s an overall volume bias to Chest and Quads for this phase of the programme, to accelerate strength and growth for these body parts.

More detail on the overall programme design and objectives will be laid out shortly the #HyperWorkouts section of AdapNation.io.

  • Front Squats – This is the known as the most challenging of barbell squat variations, due to a more upright stance, being quad dominant and requiring lots of upper body strength and mobility. There are various grip positions you can try, dependant on your thoracic and wrist mobility. Squat shoes help for this squat type – I’m wearing Adidas Powerlift 3.1’s.
  • Sumo Deadlifts – Based on your anthropology, you will find greater comfort and strength in one of the Deadlifts – Sumo or Conventional. That said, doing both is a great way to have a carryover effect and improve weaknesses. Sumo Deadlift puts a greater emphasis on the quads vs the back. Push from you feet and lead with your chest up.
  • Reverse Barbel Lunging – The great thing with doing reverse Barbell lunges as it prevents too much forward knee by removing the forward momentum. Allows more focus on the quad to get out from the lunge. I would wear weightlifting shoes for stability, brace your core like a squat, and push out of the lunge from your leading heel.
  • FST-7 Goblet Squat – Ready for the burn and leg pump?! 12-15 reps followed by 5 partial reps. 30 seconds break and go again – seven times!
  • SS (Superset) – Where it says Superset, that means do said exercises back to back with a break. rest in between Superset sets. It’s mostly a timesaver tool, but for more detail on Supersets, listen to AdapNation Podcast #25: Should You Use Supersets?.
  • Mobility & Pre-Activation – The idea is to work on dynamic stretches and short power work to warm up your limbs into full range of motion and to do a little work on muscle recruitment timing. This will help you feel mentally and physically prepared for your working sets. That said, what you choose to do will depend on your weaknesses or mobility issues.
  • Cardio – Very little in the way of cardio. Honestly, if you go full out on this workout, you’ll not have the capacity for anymore. The intent of the cardio finisher is simply some light active recovery. To get the blood flowing into your limbs and begin the process of flushing out the metabolic waste buildup. Do too much cardio and it will be catabolic – not good.

Follow this vlog as it unfolds. Comment if you have questions or ideas.

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