Creamy Thai Chicken with Rice & Tender Veg

Calories: 866 kcal (or 503 kcal) Macros: 76g Protein, 69g Carb & 31g Fat When/Why This was an unexpected treat by the wife. Tasty without being overpowering or loaded with too many ingredients and salt - kinda typical with eastern food made for western palettes. The creamy and perfectly flavoured sauce perfectly coats the moist chicken, accompanied... Continue Reading →

Sweet Potato Cottage Pie & Veggies

Calories: 1157 kcal (or 701kcal) Macros: 56g Protein, 132g Carb & 49g Fat When/Why Guess what - we're using Sweet Potato again! Something new here though. An incredibly satisfying and tasty Cottage Pie, with the twist of using Sweet Potato versus number White Potato makes for even greater enjoyment in my opinion. Rich homemade tomato-based gravy with... Continue Reading →

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