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The only solution to incessant ideologically driven govt propaganda is to bring a voice to those who seek truth 👇🏼

👌🏼Having just watched Luke Alexander’s documentary film that he directed with Jaclyn Dunne, I can strongly recommend including this piece in your quest for honesty and truth as it relates to COVID.

📺 WATCH: Link below 👇🏼👇🏼

Jaclyn has a strong position on vaccines, having researched this space tirelessly over the last 12 years. As a parent, it’s your duty to be informed before you consent to ANY medical intervention on your children.

This documentary is an honest response and expose to the year-long COVID-19 hyperbole that we’ve been subject to.

Jaclyn is supported by the following courageous folk:

  • 🎖Prof. Dolores Cahill – an expert on virology, immunology, human health and human rights
  • 🎖Dr Mohammed Adil – a 30 NHS surgeon suspended because of his publicly aired concerns on the COVID response
  • 🎖Louise Hampton – NHS 111 consultant who was forced to resign for exposing the realities she was witnessing
  • 🎖Nurse Carley Stewart – A Care Home Nurse sacked for attending a human rights protest in her nurses uniform

💝 All caring, highly capable, well-researched and with uncompromising integrity. They sacrificed their careers and livelihood to push against the censorship and propaganda.

💬 So, when people say “I follow the science. I listen to the voices of doctors” – well, maybe they should then listen to these voice too, who are brave enough to not blindly peddle the govt narrative. 

That’s if their cognitive dissonance allows them to explore matters more broadly, deeply and conscientiously…



🎤 Jaclyn’s Long-form Interview on AdapNation Podcast


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  1. Here in Canada, we are led by Doug Ford, Dr, Eileen de Villa, Theresa Tam, Christine Elliot, John Torah,Dr. Williams and Dr, Barbara Jaffe who read daily from a script. I have yet to see any of them speak from their heart.
    They enumerate “cases” of corona dash 19 which means a “case” could be someone you sat next on the subway two weeks ago! The death rate is well below 1% and even then most people in that one percent have other afflictions that actually cause their demise. We are led, alright, down the bloody garden path.

  2. Very concerned that those that have supported this documentary have allegedly been sacked or suspended from their professions. Does not lend this documentary any credibility at all – and before you complain – I have watched it. If their peers think this little about them and their views then it clearly puts the views expressed in considerable doubt. Therefore, I would issue this with a health warning. You may be subjected to inaccuracies, bias, personal opinion and professional doubt.

    1. Three Nobel Prize Winners support their views in one or more aspects. Besides, thousands of doctors around the world and milions of ordinary people who are able to think have, at least, objections to the amount of contradctions involved in this Covid19 story. Therefore, if you agree with everything the authorities mandate people to do, you are blind.

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