England/UK In-Context COVID Update – 28th Dec 2020

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Latest Insights, even with thin COVID data over last few days. By Weds, ONS, PHE and NHS should normalise. 👇🏼

The AdapNation COVID+ Insights Dashboard includes the freshest data, albeit most of which runs until 23rd Dec.

DASHBOARD: link in comment below 👇🏼

👀 If you’re interested in your local area, check out the two searchable and sortable tables (excerpt shown in graphic).

⬅️ The LEFT shows your local NHS Trust(s) in terms of COVID Patients and general stats relating to Total Bed Use, G&A Bed Use, and ICU Bed Use.

(there is also an interactive graph showing COVID Beds vs MV COVID Beds per trust on the dashboard)

➡️ The RIGHT shows your local area based on stats that drive the Tiering decisions (supposedly).

🤯 The total TESTING VOLUME is reaching eye watering heights… even whilst everyone has been locked indoors and it’s Christmas. 510,000 tests performed on the day before Xmas Eve! 

COVID-19 England 28th Dec

More of an update on Weds/Thurs once Xmas data comes online.




ONS, PHE COVID Dashboard, FHM, and NHS. Direct data files accessible within each chart.

AdapNation COVID+ Insights
COVID+Insights Dashboard


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