Let’s call a Lockdown a Lockdown…

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😱Who’d have thought it… a national lockdown at Christmas, ahead of Lockdown v4 in Jan-feb, and Hancock suggesting we write off 2021?

😥 I’m trying, I really am, but this has to be the most un-Christmasssy Christmas I have ever experienced. It’s Xmas eve tomorrow, and there is… emptiness.

Antiscience & Authoritarianism 1️⃣ – Science & Living 0️⃣

🙏🏼 My Christmas Wish – a massive scandal in Jan/Feb. This civilisation train wreck is unstoppable unless someone is royally caught with their pants down.

😩 It’s clear that all the evidence and rationality in the world is no match for pig-headed Govt Leaders singing from the ideologically flawed WHO & WEF hymn sheet that wants to destroy to #BuildBackBetter.

Anyhoo. Grab yourself a drink and check out the key stats and tiers of your area by clicking the link in the comments below 👇🏼

ℹ️ TIER & STATUS: https://adapnation.io/covid-insights-extra/


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