OCT-18 LADIES #HyperWorkouts – Day 3/4 – UPPER Body

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🆕 #HyperWorkouts Programme, the 9th of 2018!

Join in on Michelle’s 8-week Training Block.🔥.

As per the BREAK-THE-MOULD Body Plan, here is the 2nd Female-Centric strength training component of the overall workout programme, where the goal is to naturally build strong sexy female curves by managing body fat and developing lean muscle. 🌹



💪🏻 Day 3 is a mostly strict Upper Body day, with the exception of of some Dumbbell Walking Lunges that get in some glutes and quads in addition to shoulders, arms, core and forearms. Again, the intensity and difficulty is relatively high, as we keep multi-joint compound movements in for the first few exercises. You will get a great overall upper body demand, with a strong focus on back, shoulders, triceps and biceps, with a little activation of the chest too. Finish with a little active recovery cardio or HIIT Cardio (5-10mins). 

1️⃣ Chin Ups

2️⃣ Dumbbell Walking Lunges

3️⃣ Cable Clap Flys

4️⃣ Reverse Cable Crossovers

5️⃣ EZ Bar Skull Crushers

6️⃣ Squatted Cable Curls

7️⃣ Single Arm Plate Slides

For FULL videos of each of the exercises performed in this Workout, check out the OCT-18 Ladies #HyperWorkouts @AdapNation Instagram tiles.

Days 1, 2 & 4 can be found on the AdapNation YouTube channel, AdapNation.io #HyperWorkouts and our instagram feed!

  • Chin Ups – You may likely need some assistance on the chin ups, such that your chest is pulled close to the bar whilst maintaining proper form. Here, Michelle is using a thick resistance band hooked on the bar and under her feet. You can also use Assisted Pull Up Machines if your gym has one.
  • Walking Lunges – Ensure your knee does not extend beyond your toes by placing much of your weight on the leading foot’s heel. Also keep your torso as upright as possible by engaging your core and keeping the dumbbells directly below your shoulders.
  • Cable Clap Flys – The idea here is to have open palms and attempt to clap your hands. This creates more pec activation, as opposed to your shoulders trying to take over. Keep your elbows pretty much straight as your hands approach each other.
  • Reverse Cable Crossovers – You’re looking to feel a strong activation of your rhomboids in this exercise – the muscle that run up your spine, between your shoulder blades. Really focus on getting a strong squeeze by bringing your shoulder blades together, and finishing the rep with arms straight and attempting to reach as far back as possible.

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