OCT-18 LADIES #HyperWorkouts – Day 2/4 – FULL Body

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🆕 #HyperWorkouts Programme, the 9th of 2018!

Join in on Michelle’s 8-week Training Block.🔥.

As per the BREAK-THE-MOULD Body Plan, here is the 2nd Female-Centric strength training component of the overall workout programme, where the goal is to naturally build strong sexy female curves by managing body fat and developing lean muscle. 🌹


OCT-18 DAY 2 of 4, FULL BODY

💪🏻 Day 2 is a nice mix of Upper and Lower body, Compound and Isolation work, to give you a well rounded Full Body workout. You still get a heavy demand from your legs and glutes, followed by some work on shoulders, chest and core muscles. As per the #HyperWorkouts design principles. The workout is still hard, with the first two exercises asking a lot from you. Enjoy building your best body ever, whilst increasing functional strength and overall body & movement health. Finish with a little active recovery cardio or HIIT Cardio (5-10mins). 

1️⃣ Low-Bar Back Squat

2️⃣ B-Stance Hip Thrusts

3️⃣ Banded Diamond Pushups

4️⃣ Front Dumbbell Raises

5️⃣ Bentover Delt Flys

6️⃣ Landmine Rotations

For FULL videos of each of the exercises performed in this Workout, check out the OCT-18 Ladies #HyperWorkouts @AdapNation Instagram tiles.

Days 1, 3 & 4 can be found on the AdapNation YouTube channel, AdapNation.io #HyperWorkouts and our instagram feed!

  • B-Stance Hip Thrusts – As popularised by Bret Contreras, this variation on the Hip Thrusts allows for stronger activation on the trailing foot by turning this into somewhat of a unilateral (single-legged) exercise. Simply move one of your feet 6-12 inches away from your body, and Hip Thrust as normal.
  • Banded Diamond Pushups – The idea behind the band is to aid the hips up, therefore making the exercise a little easier to maintain correct form. If you can perform Diamond Pushups (hand close, in shape of diamond) without the bands assistance, then by all means do away with the band.
  • Landmine Rotations – You’re looking to get a strong and controlled engagement from your entire core throughout this movement, as well as some shoulder activation. Make sure yo turn with every rotation, which keeping the leading arm as straight as possible. Really engage that core.

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