AUG-18 LADIES #HyperWorkouts – Day 1/4 – FULL BODY

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🆕 #HyperWorkouts Programme, seventh release of 2018.

Join in on Michelle’s Workout 8-week Training Block.🔥

As per the BREAK-THE-MOULD Body Plan, here is the Female-Centric strength training component of the overall workout programme. 🌹

Ladies AUG-18 – DAY 1/4, FULL BODY

🏋🏽‍♂️ DAY 1 is hard work, as the whole body is called into action, lots of compound movements and the loads are heavy. Get some carbs in before to fuel a awesome session.


1️⃣ High-Bar Back Squat

2️⃣ Assisted Wide-Grip Pull Ups

3️⃣ Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

4️⃣ Single-Arm Hammer Curls

5️⃣ Hip Thrusts with Hip Circle

6️⃣ Reverse Grip Pushdowns

7️⃣ Abs Triset Finisher

Days 2, 3 & 4 can be found on the AdapNation YouTube channel, #HyperWorkouts and our instagram feed!

The overall workout programme can be found in the BREAK-THE-MOULD Body Plan, Part 4.

AdapNation BREAK-THE-MOULD Body Plan p1
The Ladies BREAK-THE-MOULD Body Plan – Heavy Lifting & Chill [Part 4]
  • Mobility & Pre-Activation – The idea is to work on dynamic stretches and short power work to warm up your limbs into full range of motion and to do a little work on muscle recruitment timing. This will help you feel mentally and physically prepared for your working sets. That said, what you choose to do will depend on your weaknesses or mobility issues.
  • Cardio – Very little in the way of cardio. Honestly, if you go full out on this workout, you’ll not have the capacity for anymore. The intent of the cardio finisher is simply some light active recovery. To get the blood flowing into your limbs and begin the process of flushing out the metabolic waste buildup. Do too much cardio and it will be catabolic – not good.

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