APR-18 #HyperWorkouts – Day 4/4 – Deadlift Day

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New month, new #HyperWorkouts Programme.

APR-2018 #HyperWorkouts – Join in on Steve’s Workout Programming.


For April, we have a 4-day Split, where each day emphasises one of the Big 4 Compound Lifts.

Dropped to a 4-day Programme due to a month-long trip to Australia, so wanted to make reduce the demand a little. That said, I’ll likely hit more than 4 days a week, and will mix it up in those extra days dependant on the equipment available.

PLANNING FOR LIMITED EQUIPMENT: Should the Hotel/Foreign Gyms not have Heavy Barbell Weights, I’ll switch Deadlifts and RDL’s for Single Leg Dumbbell RDL’s, Single Leg Swiss Ball Curls, Nordic Curls, Cable Pull Throughs or Machine Hamstring Curls. Will just dial up the reps and/or slow down the reps to get sufficient time under tension and volume.

Follow this vlog as it unfolds. Comment if you have questions or ideas.

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