#72: Falling off The WAGON! with Bryn Jenkins

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FALLING OFF THE WAGON – Yeah… its a universally understood term that we all recognise and can relate to. Basically, it’s time when we F up and the plan has gone to pot. We even erase the very existence of the plan and dig our heads in the sand.

It’s a very real thing. What separates achievers from non-achievers is their relationship with the wagon. In spite of the derailments, they crack on. In spite of the blips, they execute against their hopes, dreams and goals.

But here’s an interesting thought. What about if the very language of ‘Falling Off The Wagon’ is causing us to reach for the exit door as soon as things don’t go 100% to plan? What about the idea of abandoning the Wagon concept completely?

So, whether it’s the wagon of weight loss, exercise, business, self development or being a caring person, I’m hopeful you will be able to relate to this conversation and identify behaviours in yourselves or those you know. We blend personal anecdotes, personal struggles with experience from our professions and some concepts and tools to get after long term goals in a more sustainable and assured fashion.

Say it with me… THERE’S NO F*@#ING WAGON! 😉

Here’s how it goes down

1️⃣ Full Chimp Brain Panic!– We kick things off with Bryn’s (snd Steve’s) recent experiences of being hijacked by our chimp brains. Fascinating

2️⃣ Bryn’s observations from Personal Training– Does anyone ever stay ‘on the wagon’ and how Bryn can spot those who will likely give up quickly

3️⃣ Defining The Wagon & How It Manifests– Drawing on personal and observational experiences of what it means to fall off the wagon

4️⃣ The Angle of Derailment and Time Elapsed– Taking the analogy literally and exploring how to look at things differently

5️⃣ The most common reasons for Falling Off The Wagon and Staying Off– How we justify inaction. Common thought processes and mistakes

6️⃣ Widening the Lens, Flexibility & Imperfection– These plus other concepts that help reframe bad days and stay committed to your WHY

7️⃣ Keys to Steve’s 2y training and nutrition consistency– How has Steve stayed so committed to the cause whilst still being a big foodie?

8️⃣ Abandon the Wagon all together– The idea of banishing this term. Life is not binary. Accept and plan for the ebb and flow. Learn and adjust…

9️⃣ Tools to withstand the pressure to throw in the towel– We share some practical tools and perspectives that manage our state and reframe failure

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