#69: Power of Relationships, Your Ego & Gratitude (with Bryn Jenkins)

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Off the back of reading Game Changers by Dave Asprey, we’ve been noodling over the top life priorities that came from interviewing 450 successful leaders on Bulletproof Radio.

Perhaps surprisingly, the aggregated data suggested the Top Priorities for life success were

#1 – Nutrition



#4 – Exercise

#5 – Sleep.

100% aligned with our priorities at AdapNation, and great to see the fundamentals are considered the most impactful to success.

That said, we’ve not covered Relationships in much detail on the podcast. The value of building up a real network and nurturing your relationships for overall satisfaction, opportunity creation and adding value. Moreover, what gets in our way of developing and nurturing valuable relationships?

So, this episode navigates Relationships, Our Ego and Gratitude. Committing to mastering these areas of your life can have a profound impact on the quality of your life. And let’s face it, we are the dominant species on the planet because we are social animals, and we have self-awareness. Great discussion, and as always, hopefully a lot that you can relate and identify with.

Here’s what we discuss:

1️⃣ Value of Relationships & Building Your Network + 6 top tips

2️⃣ Ego – is it our friend or foe? What is our ego, how can it help + 4 top tips

3️⃣ The Power of Gratitude – how gratefulness leads to more success + 5 top tips

Third Party Reference made:

  • Jordan Harbinger (re daily text networking tip) – @jordanharbinger
  • Dave Asprey’s latest book (where the priorities came from) – Game Changers
  • Robert Greene’s book on power (re ego preventing vs connection) – 48 Laws of Power
  • James Smith (re attractive aloofness) – @jamessmithpt


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