#73: Life With Diabetes – How to Manage & Thrive, with Phil Graham

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Diabetes is the second most prevalent health condition globally, and continues to surge at epidemic proportions. Considered a modern lifestyle disease, it’s worth us all getting grounded on what Diabetes is, in the hope to prevent our health unknowingly declining, or to spot and successfully manage the condition.

So whilst you may not be clinically diagnosed with Type 2 or Type 1 Diabetes, there’s a very good chance that people you know will have the condition, and with naivety could become diabetic yourself.

To tackle this critical topic, we managed to pin down the world renowned leader in this field – Phil Graham. In spite of of having the autoimmune Type 1 Diabetes condition, Phil has thrived across all areas of his life.

Through his obsession to manage his potentially fatal condition, Phil has not been defined by Diabetes. Instead, he became a Mr Universe bodybuilder, a coach, an author and a successful fitness business entrepreneur. Phil authored the leading book in its category – Diabetic Muscle & Fitness Guide, and is invited to speak all over the world on the topic of Diabetes and managing fitness businesses.

In this short but info packed interview, we discuss:

1️⃣ Phil’s childhoodand being diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic in his teens

2️⃣ Phil’s obsession with thriving in spite of Diabetes – nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and mindset

3️⃣ Why lifting? Getting strong when his health was weak…

4️⃣ Phil’s fitness & health career highlights, in purest of being able to help himself

5️⃣ The signs and symptoms of Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes

6️⃣ What is Diabetes at a physiologically level? – describing the role and impact of Insulin and Blood Glucose

7️⃣ The differences between Type 1, Type 2 Diabetes & pre-Diabetes – including likely causes

8️⃣ The Causes of Diabetes, Corrective Actions and type-specific recommendations

9️⃣ Your most chaotic events are your best mentors…

🔟 The role of scientific discovery in the fight against the Diabetes epidemic

Learning More About Phil Graham & His Services:

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