Why Vaccine Clinical Trials may struggle to assess Safety

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This is a critical point that most people aren’t thinking about regarding Vaccine trials👇🏼

Peter Doshi, Associate Editor of the BMJ scientific journal, wrote the below in a recent BMJ feature article called “Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us”

👀 I would urge you to read this article. It speaks clearly about the number of Clinical Trial design failures that are simply NOT powered to answer the important questions:

❓Will the Vaccine(s) prevent serious COVID infection?

❓Will the Vaccine(s) save lives?

❓Will the Vaccine(s) be effective and safe in the elderly and immunocompromised demographic?

❓Will the Vaccine(s) have any effect on the transmission of the virus?

❓Will the trials be allowed to play out to the end of the safety surveillance period?

❓How to accurately assess Effectiveness when Clinical Endpoint targets for Interim and Full review are so low?

How clinical trials will struggle to keep going

✅ I’ve looked at the Pfizer/BioNTech & AstraZeneca/Oxford Clinical Trial designs, and I have to concur.

🙈 These Clinical Trials are designed NOT to uncover scientific truth, but instead for EXPEDIENT RESULTS that support objectives and ideologies of Govt, Pharma Companies, Investors, and Vaccine Advocacy Institutions



🟢The BMJ ARTICLE REFERENCED ABOVE: https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4037


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