Our COVID+ Insights Dashboard now LIVE!

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🔄 The AdapNation COVID+ Insights dashboard is now live! 20 interactive in-context visualisations using govt data👇🏼

🔖 USE & BOOKMARK THE TOOL: https://adapnation.io/covid-insights/

😫 What official COVID reporting lacks is #context and #relatability. It’s deliberately myopic, with the end goal being population control via fear.

👁 Over the last 7 months, AdapNation has been working with the official data from DHSC, ONS, NHS, FHM and other Govt sources to help bring the much needed context.

🛡As this onslaught of Govt & MSM scaremongering continues, it is important for greater transparency, perspective and granularity.

🥵 The problem is, it’s a LOT OF WORK to continue parsing through the data, mapping data points together and creating one-off graphs that are relatable and understandable.

🛠 Moreover, as the battle of doomsday #covid information continues, YOU need better tools that are available when you need them… not only when a page like our produces it.

England COVID-19 Dashboard
CLICK HERE to access the COVID+ Insights graphs


🎉 SO… after a long slog, we’ve spun up the COVID+ Insights dashboard, that automates the creation of our visualisations whilst making them interactive and ALL THE DATA available to download. 🙌🏼

📊 The graphs range from a variety of Mortality insights, Testing insights and NHS Hospital Insights. You can even get the latest insights for your local NHS England Hospital Trust!

🧱 Our hope is that this dashboard develops as more granular data is released and we get our creative juices going!

😡 Of course, any #COVID statistic is only as good as the means of collecting the data. The fraudulent testing regime is polluting the well of downstream data… but that’s all we’ve got right now.

What do you need to see?

Like everything we do, this is for YOU. If you have any ideas on how to further enrich this dashboard with interesting insights, then do let us know! 👇🏼




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