Understanding Epidemic Modelling

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WARNING: this is geeky stuff, but the general themes of epidemic modelling are easy to grasp & worth being aware of👇🏼

🧠 Bruno Gonçalves, Senior Data Scientist currently residing in NY, wrote a brilliant 4-part ‘101’ into Epidemic Modelling on Medium.

🤯 His visualisations are great and easy to follow. The differential mathematical equations bring back memories of advanced maths education… I must admit I don’t miss it one bit!

⏩ Even still, you can gloss over the equations as they are not necessarily for you to understand the approach to modelling epidemics.

👌🏼 Bruno helps understand the SIR model, which when refined for the real world of population infections becomes SEIRS.

SEIRS Epidemic Modelling

ℹ️ He helps you understand the limited (delay) effects of Lockdowns, the complexity of multiple population epidemics, the challenges of heterogeneous population health/lifestyle, and the natural ongoing endemic due to newly susceptible individuals.

Beyond this intro, it’s best you dive right in as opposed to me attempting to poorly summarise.👇🏼




4-part Medium articles available below. Please note that you are limited to 3 Medium articles a month unless you have a subscription.

101 on Epidemic Modelling:


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