Understanding Pfizer & mRNA Vaccines

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What is in the Pfizer mRNA Vaccine and how does it work?

The graphic below is the official list of Pfizer vaccine ingredients, with the full details linked below in the comments.

💉 No mRNA vaccine has been licensed to date. If this #covid vaccine, plus those from firms such as Moderna get Emergency Use Authorisation, they will be the first in world – all with scant data or lived experience as to their safety and serious disease prevention effectiveness.

ℹ️ This post helps you understand the ingredients, the essence of how vaccines work, and why you should approach vaccines with caution and careful due diligence.


Vaccines in use currently use various technologies, but for the most part they involve injecting live weakened, dead or partial pieces of antigens into your muscle.

☣️ Vaccines circumvent all natural defences against toxins – skin, mucosal, digestive tract, innate immune system etc, and look to provoke an adaptive immune system response by injecting non-self external insults directly into your bloodstream.

❕To manage cost of production and active ingredients, and to limit things going hairy with high volumes of pathogens, vaccines often include Adjuvants. These are toxic compounds to your cells and blood that aggravate the immune system to establish a systemic urgent response.

🤒 It’s typically the adjuvants that cause the immediate Adverse Drug Reactions such as fever, bruising and aches.

ℹ️ Lipids nanoparticles are transport vehicles for the active ingredients into the cell, ionic compounds look to balance the pH of the compound, and stabilisers are used to preserve the integrity of the vaccine ingredients.


🗒 The difference with mRNA is that instead of injecting an antigen, they are injecting cell instructions on how to produce proteins within the antigen.

🧱 They do this by using synthetic messenger RNA molecules. The idea being that the lipid allows absorption of mRNA into your cells. The cell then reads this mRNA and starts producing the protein it codes for.

👁 Every protein that exists within a cell is displayed on its surface using a clam-like structure called a MHC. This is done to help your surveillance immune system to identify non-self proteins that may exist, and in turn mount one of many immune system responses.

ℹ️ mRNA vaccines create an adjuvant effect with their lipids, the mRNA coding the antigen proteins, and the addition of other molecules such as potassium chloride.

🤏🏼 With this technology, it would seem improbable that you could get an active SARS CoV2 infection from the vaccine itself, because the virus is not injected nor produced internally. Only a single element proliferates.

Pfizer mRNA covid vaccine ingredients


🤔 It really comes down to evaluating real-world necessity of the vaccine, and whether there are quantified and unquantified risks.

🥉 All that vaccines try to do is mimic what a healthy body does naturally. They will never be as effective as nature and the insane complexity of the mammalian immune system.

😬 As we’ve seen untold times throughout history, technology innovation is not always productive or healthy for humanity and the world. Usually though, we only make this realisation many years or decades after… when it’s all too late.

😖 Think cigarettes, ultra processed food, the internet, burning fossil fuels, plastic production and damaging medicines.


❓So, when it comes down to necessity, it’s important we consider the far reaching implications of technology going too far, as well as understanding if there is a REAL CURRENT risk that warrants taking such an unprecedented gamble?

❓Moreover, does the vaccine in question actually work? How are the scientists defining “effectiveness”, and does it relate to real-world protection from serious infection and potential death/irreversible damage?

🤥 You’ll find Vaccine Efficacy metrics are NOT what you think they mean – including the results from this Pfizer #COVID one. It always comes down to scientific theoretical handwaving versus an observable protection against lost lives.

💉 Look, once you inject a vaccine, you can’t take it out.

🤷🏻‍♂️ Not only are current vaccine technologies riddled with Injury Claims worldwide where the injury was obvious and unquestionable, but we have NO WAY to know if they permanently alter your long term health and function.

😬 There are many claims that the adjuvants in vaccines plus the very unnatural process of initiating a non cell-mediated immune response can cause neurological damage and tip immunocompromised elderly folk over the edge.

🤷🏻‍♂️ Moreover, all of the COVID-19 vaccines, especially those using brand new technology, have no long term studies. We simply CANNOT KNOW what affects they may have – on either health, function or immune protections.

🤪 For anyone to argue otherwise, they clearly are delusional.

😬 Lastly, vaccine manufactures have liability immunity. Govt’s usually pick up the liability and directly address claims with those injured. However, for COVID-19 vaccines, the UK GOVT have removed ALL LIABILITY – meaning you cannot sue the Govt, NHS, Armed Forces, other healthcare providers or the pharmaceutical companies.

❗️You must understand this. You are being asked to take all the risk, with no comeback if it goes wrong for you personally.


👉🏼 Ultimately, what you put in your body is your choice. You can eat as much dangerous processed foods, smoke, drink, and use other substances as much as you like.

I’m not here to challenge your agency. Do as you wish.

🤷🏻‍♂️ But, it’s important you look at Vaccines through the same lens. It ultimately comes with risks and supposed benefits – and you need to decide if you want to be a #guineapig.

🙅🏻‍♂️ If I could counsel you, I would urge you to do as little as you are possible of all of the above. Your health should be of utmost importance, and all insults should be carefully considered.

❌ Lastly, it’s not for others to demand, pressure or shame you into being vaccinated. It’s your body. Only you should make that decision, and there should be no penalty in politely refusing this DRUG.




Find the full details of packaging, handling and ingredients of the Pfizer COVID vaccine below.

In addition, there a a few other resources including vaccine ingredients lists, ingredient descriptions, and what mRNA vaccines.


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