How is your local Hospital coping with COVID?

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🏥 NHS released their monthly detailed #COVID hospital update today. How is your local trust doing? 👇🏼
😱 We were threatened by Govt and NHS execs that the NHS was a couple of weeks away from complete overwhelm.
👀 Well, you might want to read our post that explains how this is an impossibility based on how the NHS is managed:


The COVID-19 England NHS Hospital Burden reality
NHS Hospital Pressure: The Ugly Truth – CLICK TO READ
❓The question is, exactly how are the hospitals around the country coping, and are we are breaking point?
😔 Great question, yet a VERY difficult one for you to answer. Why? It comes down to motivation. As in, there is zero motivation to provide you with easy in-context reporting.
📈 Instead, the hope is we all will myopically obsess about the only data that is readily available, updated daily, and presented through an easy-to-use live dashboard… isolated COVID-positive related data.
🆕 Well, once a month the NHS do put out a more thorough report on their Total and COVID-related bed use, admissions, discharges and staff absences. Their latest excel data report dropped today, 12th Nov, which reports up until 5th Nov.
England COVID NHS Hospital Trust Performance

They still leaving you hanging

🤯 But, even still, there is no support for the average person to (1) know this heavy data file exists, (2) see the data in a way that easily makes sense of the situation or (3) understand how current numbers compare to Total Capacity or Seasonal norms.
So, I thought I’d help…
⚙️ By pulling together total capacity numbers per Trust, daily average bed use per trust for this time of the year, and aggregating all the data from todays update, I was able to quickly knock up an Excel Dashboard tool that graphs up YOUR HOSPITAL data.
💻 The excel file is a chunky 10mb due to the sheer amount of NHS raw data, and absolutely requires you jump on a desktop to use.
It’s a one-off hack and will age quickly as it only works off of data up until 5th Nov. It also relies on data completeness by NHS, meaning the smaller hospitals have limited data available.
✅ All that said, it ABSOLUTELY helps you answer the question “How is my local Hospital doing right now with COVID and in general?”

Simple steps to check you hospital status


1️⃣ Simply download this excel file onto your desktop


**DON’T DOWNLOAD FROM WITHIN FB or PHONE – it won’t work. Use laptop/desktop only***


2️⃣ The first tab labelled ‘Hosp Dashboard’ and the tab ‘NHS Trust Names’ are the only areas you need to check out (unless you’re weekly and curious with the raw data).
3️⃣ If you know the NHS Trust that your local hospital sits within, simply select it from the yellow dropdown list. All the charts will immediately update.
4️⃣ If you don’t know your trust, you can scan through the ‘NHS Trust Names’ tab, all alternatively google “what NHS Trust does XX Hospital belong to”.
England COVID NHS Hospital Trust Performance

How is your hospital doing?

🏥 Let’s see what your local area looks like.
Grab a screenshot and post it within the comments below. 👇🏼
❓What jumps out at you for your Trust? Huge staff absences yet no #covid patients? So little care home cases? Nowhere near seasonal norms?
Let us know.


NHS Monthly COVID-19 Hospital Activity 12th Nov and NHS Open Day&Night Bed Stats for Q3 2019.


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