Does Excess Mortality & Govt Stringency Lives Correlate?

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Excess Deaths normalised using z-scores in context with COVID-19 govt stringency level. (🤫🇸🇪)

The excess mortality graphs are taken from EUROMOMO and the Stringency Index data is pulled from Oxford Uni Govt Response Tracker.

❌ A number of striking points here, not least the LACK OF CORRELATION between severity of govt restrictions and the effects on excess deaths.

COVID Excess Mortality Across select European Countries

❓When can we begin to have a grown up conversation that NPI’s (non pharmaceutical interventions) do nothing positive?

🤦🏻‍♂️ I guess once everyone has been unnecessarily vaccinated, our Govt leadership gets kicked out, or the COVID-response con job gets exposed in a sensational mainstream way.

🌊 Also, do cast your eye ove the right (current) end of each graph – as this speaks to the real effect of the “second wave”. 

It’s clear to me.

Those countries that are most modernised, most overweight, eat the most ultra processed food, have greatest urbanisation, combined with the most authoritarian, test-obsessed and fear-based regime in 2020 are the countries that are faring the worst. Layer on a soft 2019 winter… and voila – #COVIDmania

⛔️ It’s time to stop the nonsense and speak to the population with some respect and honesty. This drama has gone on long enough now…



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