WHO Back-Peddling on COVID PCR Testing

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Maybe the UK Govt will consider these changes once enough people have been vaccinated to “prove” effectiveness… 👇🏼

(quotes below from a WHO Information Notice published on 14th Dec 2020 – 👇🏼link in below comment)

From the very start, there has been a strong pushback from credible and informed individuals across many disciplines regarding PCR testing being the sole determinant of COVID “cases”.

But let’s be clear, WHO were the ones that published the first PCR test assay for global use, and WHO gave the Case Definition guidance that simply a PCR-positive test was sufficient.

🚨 The above could only ever create one result – a #casedemic and massively over-exaggerated hospital and deaths data.

👺 A #casedemic that has deliberately fuelled globalist and technocratic authoritarianism. A #casedemic that has been enabled destruction on a global scale… so we can #BuildBackBetter (better for leaders, but very much worse for individuals).

WHO Information Notice on COVID PCR Testing

YAY! Perhaps…

🙂 Now, at first the below declaration and admission from the WHO – the institution that is most to blame for all the mess we are seeing – is both surprising and encouraging.

🤯 Wow, are they advocating that we actually perform honest and correct clinical diagnosis, where a Virus Test is used carefully to confirm someone robustly presenting the unique clustering of Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19?

🥳 That we define our case reporting based on the above, and not just on a PCR test?

👌🏼 Are they advocating what the likes of Heneghan, Yeadon, Craig and Gupta have been saving for 6 months?

Well… let’s not get carried away. This guidance is a note to testers and their interface with healthcare practitioners – not a mandate to change national case reporting protocol.

🤔 BUT, the timing is rather convenient. They have known about the issues with PCR and their flawed Case Definition from the very beginning.

💉 YET, only now as we see the commencement of vaccinations across U.K. and US, have the WHO decided to change their tune.

🤨 It’s almost as though they now want the Cases to go down… in line with the use of vaccines. How convenient.

💉 What’s even more convenient is that ALL the Vaccine Trials used the EXACT same approach to define a case. They are not idiots. 

😉 There was no way the Pharma companies were going to define cases based on the WHO guidance of PCR only. That would invalidate the Vaccines. Instead, only those with at least one strongly expressed Symptom and a PCR Positive test would be defined as a Case with the trials.

Will see change?

❓SO… will we see a swift reform on U.K. Case Definition?

❓Will we see a pulling back from non-symptomatic community testing as the Vaccine deployment gains momentum in Jan/Feb?

🤷🏻‍♂️ The jury is out. The are #benefits to the U.K. Govt and our technocratic globally-aligned agenda to keep the #casedmic fraud going for as long as the people will accept.

Let’s see…




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