Sweden: The Guardian vs The Truth

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Without trying to be political, left-leaning MSM do loooove to bash on Sweden. Shame they can’t tell the truth though…👇🏼

🔴 Take the RED graph below, taken from a Guardian piece yesterday 17th – linked in the comments below. Any opportunity to denounce Sweden’s pandemic response and their supporters.

🔔 Now, the RED graph looks alarming.

🔵 But how about when we pull ACTUAL data from FOHM. The picture is very different. 🤔

🤫 Now, take a look at the blue upper-right chart. Sweden are now 23rd on the COVID-positive Deaths Per Million rankings. No mention of that by Guardian, NY times and BCC etc.

…instead, they continue to draw comparisons to their nordic neighbours and and give the stats in isolation – e.g. COVID-positive deaths, cases and DPM.

🏥 What about ICU use? England are at 75% ICU bed utilisation overall, which perfectly matches this time last year. Sweden have 78% utilisation, with 282 COVID-patients receiving ICU care.

🙄 Again, nothing abnormal here. Yet that is not what the news outlets offer as their narrative.

🔵 Lastly, how about comparing 2020 Total Mortality to prior years? The bottom-right bar graph compares 2020 to prior 30 years, showing Dec-Nov deaths and population-adjusted figures.

ℹ️ What do we see? For several reasons, 2019 was an exceptionally light year in terms of deaths in Sweden, and the last 5 years generally have seen a step-change difference to the prior trend.

Sweden - The Guardian vs The Truth

2020 Suffering from “Dry Tinder”

Net-net, 2020 is similar to 2017/18, less than 2014/15, and broadly in line with average for last 6 years when you exclude 2019.

Without question, they have been burdened this year with the “dry tinder” effect of more vulnerable aged people available to all-cause deaths this year.

In a previous post last week, we also compared Sweden’s Deaths Per Million Total Mortality to that of England. Yet again, more context that Pro-Lockdown MSM are not interested in covering.

You can find this in the link below 👇🏼

🇸🇪 Sweden ARE suffering with winter pressures like everyone else. They are also suffering from a #casedemic caused by a deeply flawed Case Definition and PCR Testing regime – identical to that in the UK.




FOHM 18th Dec, Worldometer 18th Dec, SCB annual deaths & annual population 14th Dec & icuregswe.org 18th Dec 


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