Facebook & WHO’s hilarious “COVID Facts”

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Seriously, what would we do without this invaluable team up of censorship, surveillance and propaganda between FB & WHO?

🤣 These “factoids” hit my feed today. Some of them are hilarious.

Hopefully these help protect you from your own dangerous stupidity. Geez, they know no bounds. 🤦🏻‍♂️

❓Which is your favourite “essential” tip?

Facebook WHO COVID facts

Remember – the art of coercion is to make us believe we are all as thick as two short planks, extremely vulnerable, and powerless – requiring the essential “help” from of our incredible leaders. 

Oh, and to fuel ad hominem attacks and ostracism of those that have dissenting voices.


🏆 Without question, the 2020 Propaganda Golden Cup goes to WHO this year. If in any doubt, check out the post below about their Infodemic Social Engineering programme that started early in 2020…

P.S. never eat yellow snow 😉



Facts on FB – no means of linking them unfortunately. I suspect they will feature in your feed eventually.

🟤 WHO’s Infodemic Social Engineering Programme


The Original Facebook Post

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