This is what we DO know about the Pfizer Vaccine…

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Yes – this is the upside-down world we are living in 2020, where we celebrate and yearn for a fake saviour – the blue pill 👇🏼

🙋Confronted with the reality of what we know and don’t know about the Pfizer #covid vaccine (makers of another popular blue pill…), it seems many people are chomping at the bit to be part of the experimental mass rollout (aka Phase 4 Clinical Trial).

🤦🏻‍♂️ Human’s have this innate desire to be slightly more god-like. Slightly less mortal and defy the reality of inevitable death. To be upgraded like a superhero. We’ll buy into any old Snake Oil if the pitch sounds attractive. That’s just our default and gullible wiring…

If you received this message from good old Matt, what would your response be?

Pfizer Vaccine Clinical Trial INSIGHTS

ℹ️ To be 100% clear, this is NOT A REAL DM with Matt – before those simple of mind claim this to be misinformation.

☑️ However, the statements within the GRAPHIC are entirely factual, taken from the Pfizer FDA EUA pack that is to be discussed tomorrow (10th Dec).

👀 Read the doc – it’s 53 pages long of techy jargon, but readable by most people if you take your time. 

🤠 It reeks of bias. It is not legitimate science – but very much looks like it is. The intent is to get approval, not to honestly and critically evaluate the vaccines’s safety profile and its ability to improve immune protection…

🤫 Any adverse Vaccine data is downplayed and/or dismissed, whereas events on the Placebo group are accentuated.

🤔 Assertions on efficacy are made but not substantiated in a statistically sound manner.



🧪 Science is about attempting to disprove your hypothesis. Only if your hypothesis survives a battery of abuse and its results are robustly consistent across a statistically significant dataset, can your hypothesis be declared “Likely correct”.

Moreover, we cannot scientifically answer questions that have not been asked. There are so many unknowns from a Safety & Efficacy standpoint that are due to:

1️⃣ the measurements not being taken and analysed.

2️⃣ simply not having enough time for matters to manifest.

3️⃣ insufficient participants to demonstrate the heterogeneity of the human population. 




🟣 Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine FDA Emergency Use Authorisation Briefing Document


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