Worldwide Mortality on track to be a Record Low

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Eventually, we need to engage with reality. Not the alternate reality created by the obsessional myopic focus on #COVID 👇🏼

😫 We’re almost at the end of the year. A year I think we’d all like to erase from memory – but dare I say it, it will plague us in 2021 and beyond.

🌎 So, let’s zoom out and get a macro perspective – an IN-CONTEXT Global perspective.

🚨 We’ve lost 1.57 million people this year who have been SARS CoV2 PCR Positive up to a month before death, or had received symptom-only diagnosis of COVID-19.

Sounds like a lot, especially if it’s considered EXTRA deaths on top of our usual annual death toll.

❓But have we actually lost more people this year than prior years?

The answer to that is a resounding…. **NO**

Hard to believe… but true

ℹ️ Year to date, approximately 55.4M people have died globally this year of all causes. If we add another 22 days of deaths, that number should settle in at approx. 58.75 million.

That’s a LOT OF DEATH! You can’t get your head around it.

😮 What’s even harder to grapple is that in spite of losing almost 55-60M people per year, the world population has been growing at about 83M people every single year since 1980!

OK, pick your jaw up from the floor. Let’s understand if COVID-19 has placed an excess death toll on the world. To do that, we’ll divide the deaths by the population and multiple by 1,000 – i.e. deaths per 1,000 population.

❓What do we see in the death rate, when we project 2020 out to the end of the year?

⏬ A LOWER DEATH RATE compared to the 5-year average!

Yep, 2020 will compete with 2017 for the LOWEST death rate over the last six years.

😲 PAUSE on this realisation. I hope some questions are starting to surface…

Comparing “COVID” Deaths to other causes

Let’s layer in some extra #context.

💬 How many times have you heard the following, paraphrased of course – “Every life matters. A single COVID-19 death is a death too many. Stop everything until we have zero covid – it’s the only humane thing”

🤦🏻‍♂️ I get the sentiment, but it so incredibly naive. In a world of unicorns, rainbows, no suffering  and immortality, maybe this statement could hold water. In the real-world, its at best naive and at worse incredibly dismissive of ALL OTHER causes of death.

Especially considering the average age of COVID-related death exceeds the UK life expectancy.

🟡 Take a look at the graph below. It charts main causes of death using 2017 worldwide data. The yellow bar represents the deaths attributed to COVID-19… but of course we know to treat this number with a large pinch of salt.

Global Total Mortality 2020

😥 COVID is nestled in between deaths caused by Self-Harm and babies dying before they have even lived. The numbers are about  the same.

🩸 I mean, we lose more people to diagnosed Diabetes than we have from SARS CoV infection – let alone the undiagnosed Diabetes deaths.

⚠️ 19 million deaths due to Cancer. 35.5 million due to heart issues. 5 million due to Alzheimers and dementia. You can’t even wrap your head around these numbers.

🤫 What about Measles – the disease apparently eliminated with vaccination? we lose 167,000 people each year.

🍺 We lose 700K to drug and alcohol abuse, 2.5 million to road injuries, and 590K to drowning!

Perspective people, #perspective.

ESPECIALLY considering we are on track for a recent-times record low Global Death Rate for 2020 …

One day we’ll look back on 2020…

🙏🏼 I do hope that at some point, the majority of the human population will see this year for what it is. Total abuse of science and communication channels – for gains that I’ll leave you to ponder over.

🚫 We’ve lost this war against those that wanted things to be just so. Gutting. BUT, we must learn. We must NEVER let this authoritarian abuse of peoples minds, freedoms, lives and livelihoods happen again.




OurWorldInData & Worldometer + cross-referenced with UN resources.


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