What are the chances of YOU dying of COVID in 2020?

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What are the chances of YOU dying across the entirety of 2020, including the #covid Epidemic period of Mar-May? 👇🏼

This data is from the latest ONS deaths data from this week for England & Wales, and supplemented with NHS data for the grey column.

My age group is highlighted. IT SHOWS:

🔹4.7% of all mortality in this age group died with COVID mentioned on their death cert (145/3082)

🔹Last week, one person my age died with COVID on their death cert, out of 3.92 million people in this age group.

🔹15% between 20-49 died of COVID without any other diagnosed serious conditions this year. It’s more that they had un-diagnosed issues related to metabolic syndrome and obesity.

🔹Adjusted for the entire year, the probability of people my age dying in 2020 of COVID is 5 out of 100,000 people, or 0.00278%.

🔹We know we have MANY issues of Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, and all other associated chronic diseases in my age group due to poor ultra processed diets and poor lifestyle choices. 

🔹I.e. for those who are genuinely metabolically healthy, the chances of dying from COVID or Influenza Like Illnesses drops to 0%, as their immune system is optimally functional

🔹This is for one of the worse effected countries in the world. For countries that are genuinely healthy with better metabolic health, less overweight, and cleaner diets with less UPF – their chances of death drop dramatically across the the ages.

Chances of dying of COVID in England

What about you?

❓What does it say for your age group?

Please bear in mind these probabilities INCLUDE the Epidemic period of March-May.

⬇️ The ACTUAL CURRENT probabilities now are markedly lower, as you only get ONE epidemic outbreak (due to immune naivety).


SOURCE: ONS deaths data 27th Oct 2020 & NHS COVID data 30th Oct 2020.


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