PHE confess to the Ct issues relating to the PCR test

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👀 This PHE guide to the #coronavirus PCR Ct level and associated issues just released. Read it. 👇🏼

🤫 This guide is not meant for the public, but you’ll be glad you read it.

It makes a few important confessions about the test, which simply confirm what scientists etc have been saying all along…

❌ The test DOES NOT test for COVID-19. It DOES NOT test for a live infection. It DOES NOT test for viable SARS CoV2.

🧪These tests (of which their are many different varieties) look to match 1-3 RNA fragments – one common to coronaviruses, and 1-2 unique to SARS CoV2.

‼️ This document confesses to the issue of WEAK POSITIVES with high Ct (amplifications) – ie the individual is some time post-infection and virus is not viable/live and therefore not infectious and transmissible.

‼️ They confess to the many limitations of this testing technique, and how some test kits are more ‘black box’ than others. They also admit that there is no way to tell if someone is asymptomatic, infectious or recovered long ago with just a single test.

‼️ They admit that this test needs to be accompanied by an understanding of the individuals clinical history and current symptomology in order to usefully leverage this test, and that second tests ARE NEEDED to assess if a weak positive is early or late in the infection cycle.

‼️ Lastly, they make it clear that low Ct’s are more reliable than high Ct results. But, due to different tests, lab kits and lab processing, they are unable to standardise on a nationwide Ct for all tests.

‼️ No mentions of the Ct used on average for the current community testing across UK. They don’t even offer a range.

⛔️ NET-NET, this is a damning exposé on the scaled and deeply flawed Mass Testing regime cooked up by Hancock and co. It needs to stop, we need a moratorium, and case definition MUST BE UPGRADED to the traditional means of disease diagnosis.





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