What about singled-out Leicester?

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By request, this is a look at Leicester – an area that has been disproportionately affected by govt restrictions since March 👇🏼

📊 These graphs show “cases”, COVID PCR Positive deaths, the monthly COVID-related deaths and the NHS general & COVID-related activity.

ℹ️ ONS reports on overall deaths per region. East Midlands has seen 38,833 deaths of all causes since March 14th 2020, 4,191 of which had a #coronavirus PCR Positive test. This region has a population of ~4,811,000.

🤔 Leicester represents ~8% of East Midlands population and is the largest city of the region. Interestingly, their COVID-related deaths are also ~8% of the regions total. Hardly panic stations…

〰️ East Midlands have been tracking the Total Mortality 5 year average since June, with an uplift only witnessed over the last 3 weeks.

❓How much of that is due to declining health caused by government restrictions and scaremongering… it is hard to tell.

🏥 The Leicester Hospitals, like the majority across the country, are continuing to run very light since the spring lockdown.

To be clear, that is a conscious choice, as we have 8M+ patients on the NHS England Hospitals waiting list. The “covid surge” has yet to manifest.

Leicester COVID deaths and situation

Hope this is useful

🤞🏼Whilst this is an ultra specific post, hopefully it offers some useful insight for us all as we reflect on our region.

🤔 Leicester have been singled out as one of the most restricted areas in the country… yet the death toll tells a very different story to that which we hear from MSM and Govt.




Data from DHSC COVID-19 Dashboard and NHS Weekly Hosp/Crit Care Activity.

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