NHS Staff Training Vaccine Propaganda

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The NHS Vaccine #Propaganda is in full force. First stop, all our staff. Does this feel right to you (esp. NHS workers)?👇🏼

🦠 The genuine scientifically robust concerns of Vaccine-Associated Virus Interference seems to be completely overlooked in this mad push to make this the biggest Flu Jab uptake on record.

(more info on this observed phenomenon found in comment below 👇🏼)

🧪 Moreover, the COVID-19 vaccines that will be unleashed onto the British public in the next couple of weeks are experimental. A statement that CANNOT be denied.

😬 We’ve negligible data on these vaccines – both on their ability to prevent severe COVID infection, mild infection, hospitalisation, deaths or… whether they have any serious side effects.

🤫 We’ve done ZERO studies on the cocktail of COVID + Flu Jabs administered in close intervals.

😲 We’ve NO WAY to prove that these vaccines will not cause some incremental decline in Health or Function – both physically and neurologically. We can’t possible know this… we have 1-3 months of post-vaccination data!

🤯 The AZ/Oxford Vaccine wasn’t even tested against a placebo. It was compared to a meningitis vaccine! What?!

NHS Staff Training Propaganda

👩🏻‍⚕️ Needless to say, the Govt are expecting our brave 1.1M NHS staff to go first. To be our guinea pigs on this global experiment, alongside the most immunocompromised population in our country.

❓How do you fee about this?

❓How do you feel, knowing this Vaccine #Propaganda machine is ALSO being pointed squarely at you, your family, your friends and the rest of humanity?



This screenshot is from a NHS internal training document, so cannot provide a known public link.





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