England/UK In-Context COVID Update – 25th Nov 2020

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Latest in-context England/UK #COVID update that you won’t get from Govt or establishment media👇🏼

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1️⃣ Weekly England Total Mortality is up 1,833 from the 5YR average, and up 1,517 when compared to the 5YR maximum.

2️⃣ 2,123 people passed away with a COVID-positive test in England,  with 90% of those being over 65 years old, and 74% over 75. 

3️⃣ We continue to see a very concerning picture regarding home-based deaths – 863 MORE people died this week than normal that did NOT have COVID.

4️⃣ Non-COVID HOME deaths account for ~50% of the Excess mortality last week, leading 700-900 deaths to be attributed directly or indirectly to COVID (i.e. Govt restrictions)

5️⃣ Since the start of the COVID pandemic, we have lost 33,662 MORE people at home than we would normally expect.

6️⃣ Coronavirus Tests Positive Rates continue to decline, which would be consistent with the dual hump autumn/winter coronaviruses seasonality.

7️⃣ Please not that there will be significant duplication in the Pneumonia/Influenza and COVID deaths, as Pneumonia is an expected progression if you have a serious COVID infection.

8️⃣ When you compare the non-Epidemic Period this year to the 5YR maximums, we actually find that there is 10,791 FEWER DEATHS this year during that time period. Further proof that the COVID burden has mostly been restricted to the March-May. 

9️⃣ General & ICU Hospital Bed Use continues to be materially lower than the seasonal average, with the expectation that NHS will run the service light until Sept 2021.

🔟 There are only a few (the largest) hospitals across England who are genuinely stretched. NHS Trust level reporting in link below 👇🏼

COVID England and UK Update 25th Nov 2020

More to explore

There’s more to explore – just head over to the COVID+ Insights dashboard that is linked below.👇🏼

〰️ Whilst there is a lot of noise drowning out the legitimate signal due to mass testing & stress-related health decline, the genuine burden of respiratory infections and deaths seems to be seasonally consistent with a robust endemic flu season.

🤧 P.S. Flu and ILI continues to have disappeared off of the face of this earth. Further proof that we have a serious issue of misdiagnosis.




All original govt sources are listed, linked and raw data downloadable with each graph. Link in comment below. 👇🏼

🟢 COVID+ INSIGHTS DASHBOARD: https://adapnation.io/covid-insights/

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COVID+Insights Dashboard


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