The nothingness of Lockdowns & Liverpool Community Testing

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You heard Boris and co. “the Liverpool Rapid/LF Testing was a huge success and reduced cases significantly”. You what? 👇🏼

🎩 TBH, I’ve been very resistant to doing this post. There are so many moving parts to “case” fabrication – all of which work against the rational mind.

The game you can’t win

👎🏼 You can’t win at this game, as it’s been rigged. The UK Govt have complete power as to “case” creation. They have the people, the labs, the tests, the test settings, the test handling, and the ability to dial up/down testing within each pillar as they see fit.

👺 And guess what happens when people get locked down. There’s less community testing. It’s a beautiful thing… those evil geniuses.

😫 Layer in the Lateral Flow tests that are less accurate, an issue that is exacerbated when viral loads are low (i.e. the exact use case they have been procured for – community/enablement testing).

🤫 Both PCR and LF Tests are expressly advised to be used on symptomatic patients only, to ensure adequate viral load for viable detection.

🐜 You can’t get out of this game the victor. Accept it. You are owned. Controlled. Part of this fun little game of keeping you guessing and  moving you around like pawns on a chess board.

😼 And, to be totally clear, this is not just about Cases, Lockdowns and Restrictions. More cases equals more of EVERYTHING – hospitalisations, ICU and Deaths with #covid positive tests.

This game is #rigged – like a dodgy one arm bandit.

Anyhoo, let’s entertain this #casedemic for a moment.

Locking down and testing healthy people achieve nothing

🔐 ❌ Lockdown HAS NOT impacted the trajectory of “cases”. The case numbers are moving independently of lockdown.

🤯 Restrictions generally are weakly correlated – take a look at Liverpool, Manchester and the four other areas. Does that make any sense? Of course it doesn’t.

Liverpool mass Testing achieves nothing

But, I won’t get carried away. As I say, this game is rigged.

〰️ The pattern we are seeing in DEATHS (that are flawed because of the #casedemic) are broadly following the seasonal first hump of coronaviruses. See expected seasonal Respiratory Virus patterns below in the comment. 👇🏼

That has NOTHING to do with all the testing. How can it?!

🤷🏻‍♂️ These LF Tests are an unknown. Both false negatives and false positives are a real concern when testing healthy people. Will they spit out 100’s of thousands of negatives given us a sense of relief, or will they ring tons of false alarms? Time will tell…

📦 Then we have the black box which is what happens in these super/mega labs manned by non-specialists that soon will be processing millions of tests a day? We simply don’t know if they are guided to dial up/down their Ct thresholds to produce more/less results as needed for the narrative du jour.

Unplug Testing to be free of COVID

🥱 I’ve wasted enough oxygen, brain power and characters already on this nonsense of cases and how the govt are “controlling the virus” with this manipulative, unproductive, costly and authoritarian testing regime.

❌ I nor my immediate family have yet to take a single test. I will not be a statistic. I will not fuel Hancock’s KPI’s and be complicit in this game of control and manipulation through fake data and pseudo-science.

💨 I hope you too decide to knock the wind out of Boris, Hancock and SAGE’s sails.

If the tests stopped for a month… all of this would disappear…

😌 Excess deaths may not normalise immediately, because of the damage done to people’s health this year, but we would remove this COVID weight off of our shoulders.

💉 The vaccines push would fall on its face, as the carrot/stick machine will have been turned off.

🔌 If we are to cure ourselves from a countrywide bout of Stockholm Syndrome, we must unplug. Turn off the oppressors machine that defines your fate and freedom.

☺️ Then, we will realise just how free we all are. Whip off the mask, take a deep breath, and go hug someone you’ve not seen for a while.

#BeHuman , not a data point in someone’s graph that feeds the next scary headline.




All graphs use data directly from the DHSC COVID-19 dashboard, dates 24th Nov 2020

🦠Seasonality of Respiratory Viruses


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