Understanding the AstraZeneca Vaccine results

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This is what you need to know about the AstraZeneca/Oxford Uni spin-off Vaccine announcement today 👇🏼

🔍 Another eye chart (sorry), but compresses all the most pertinent facts in one page. Tap into the image and zoom in.

Surprise Surprise

🙄 Surprise surprise, we have yet another rushed declaration of vaccine efficacy just a few days after the last one – three in 2 weeks.

🤤 We have a Boris Briefing today – no doubt to labour the excitement of this news. This one in particular is what Boris, Hancock and co were waiting for.

🇬🇧 This is UK developed, UK manufactured, and UK owned – a true British victory. Of course, we knew it would be from the moment the UK Govt penned a 100 million at-risk dose contract in May 2020 and stood up manufacturing facilities to start making the vaccine.

😲 The AZ contract committed to using Vaccitech’s (Oxford Uni) facility plus a couple other facilities invested by UK Govt to deliver 30 million doses by Sept 2020.

☑️ Have they been made? I’d say yes with 95% certainty.

💰 Moreover, this vaccine is cheaper and easier to distribute. 5x cheaper to manufacture, and probably 3-5x cheaper on the storage and logistics front.

AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial

Ask these questions

❓Again, we must ask ourselves these questions:

1️⃣ Is there a current Serious Infection risk to YOU?

2️⃣ Are we seeing excess total mortality pressures directly from SARS CoV2?

3️⃣ Why is there so little COVID-19 prevalence yet again in this study?

4️⃣ Why does this study not have a Placebo control arm?

5️⃣ Are you satisfied with 1-3 months of safety data on a small sample size, when there has been serious adverse reactions during this study (conveniently dismissed)?

6️⃣ Why would your Immune System need this technological help? Have we really become technology dependant in order to survive as a species?

7️⃣ Does this vaccine cause viral shedding as it initiates an immune event?

8️⃣ Does this vaccine magically eliminate SARS CoV2 from the earth’s virome and prevent humans harbouring and transmitting this organic material?

Your Choice

What you choose to place in your body is your choice.

We must respect our inalienable rights to CHOOSE what we ingest and inject.

🚨 The moment a vaccine becomes mandatory, or govt and society make normal life contingent on being vaccinated, then we have a REAL PROBLEM.

🤞🏼 Let’s hope that somehow these desires to force this vaccine upon people globally does not materialise to the dystopia that is strongly speculated and considered by the UK Govt.





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