Asymptomatics seem to pose NO RISK….

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❗️A MUST READ Nature paper published two days ago, from the source of SARS CoV2/COVID-19 – Wuhan👇🏼

This was in May/June! This global public health emergency fraud has to stop now.

🤔 It seems the only country to stop going along with these authoritarian and communist-like #covid restrictions are the Chinese.

😳 Maybe it’s because they already have the SYSTEM and economy that the West aspire to…

🤥 They don’t need to perform this elaborate charade in order to hoodwink their people into compliance, mass surveillance, order, censorship, and state dependance… all under the ruse of a ravage pandemic.

🎉 Have you noticed their parties, celebrations and economic performance at the moment the rest of the world went into a #covid head spin? Or that the rest of the world have been attempting ever since to replicate the Chinese approach to crisis mgmt?

🤤 The West yearn for the power, control and performance of China. It’s “Us vs Them” in the eyes of International leaders, as China positions itself for global dominance on every important measure.

Just tell us the truth…

👂🏼 I wouldn’t mind so much if this conversation and concern was addressed to the people – making no bones to describe our shrinking global power and the need to transform western capitalism and culture in order to compete and/or resist a global takeover (at least economically and politically).

Together perhaps we could unite on what radical changes we must embrace as a country and/or collection of countries with shared values and aspirations.

🦸🏼‍♂️ But no, instead, we the people cannot be trusted. We are considered too defiant, selfish and dense. So, change must therefore be ushered and rushed in using the fraud of a global health crisis that can ONLY be resolved through the political might of our dear leaders.

🦠 COVID-19 could be just another illness that blends into all other illnesses that compete for the most susceptible in our population. It could become a nothing if testing stopped – just another pressure to protect against with a true commitment to public wellness.

❌ This never-ending crisis stopped being about Public Health in April – at the latest. A transitionary plan was laid out in Feb/March, and thus far each and every step of the plan has been executed.

🤦🏻‍♂️ Please don’t for a second think the (stealthy) global superpower being the UK Govt have been reacting in real-time to scientific and empirical matters unfolding. Not a chance.

🙌🏼 Instead, what we are seeing is the creation of “science” to support a plan and set of objectives. This, my friends, is the year psychopathic leaders have been waiting for a loooong time.

Asymptomatic transmission

The ugly truth of the science

🤯 If this study doesn’t make it abundantly clear that this has NOT been about public health for many months now, then I’m afraid you have been well and truly #indoctrinated. Good luck.

❓Do you see things differently?

If so, please read this paper, and offer up an alternative narrative that is supported by unquestionable data and evidence that SARS CoV2 continues to place a grave public health risk to our country.





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