So, what about Long Covid?

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“Oh, but what about the devastating effects of #LongCovid?” -Sorry, but get a grip, seriously 👇🏼

👨🏼‍⚕️ This is a great piece from a Swedish A&E Physician (he’s been on the AdapNation Podcast) drawing from his education, clinical experience and reviewing the latest scientific papers on “long covid”.

🥱 So, when someone gives it that Lockdowns etc are worth it to protect against “long covid”, or they claim they have “long covid”, ask them to read this article before bleating on any further.

🤫 For my money, it’s a convenient cover up by the individuals of a lifestyle that is not prioritising health and well-being. For the govt, it’s a way to keep the ‘enemy’ alive and continue this charade that 80% of the population will fall for.

🥴 It wreaks of victim mentality and lack of individual wellness accountability. “Covid done this to me”, “better carry on doing nothing, to be safe”, and “only the vaccine can save us now”. Aka apathy and dependence on the state. Further embodying a useless class that makes way for UBI, further centralised monopolies, and greater automation replacing labour.

CONCLUSION from Sebastian Rushworth in this piece:

💬 “One thing that is clear about long covid is that it is a social media phenomenon. The disease wasn’t discovered by doctors or scientists. It was “discovered” by people who found each other on the internet. 

💬 “In that sense, it shares something very much in common with conditions that most doctors agree are bogus, but for which there are aggressive patient advocacy groups, such as the aforementioned amalgam poisoning, electricity allergy, and chronic Lyme disease.

💬 “The symptoms of long covid are extremely unspecific, so it is probable that long covid is actually a whole bunch of different things, of which I would think post-viral syndrome is likely a significant part.

💬 “Considering the media fear-mongering going on during virtually all of 2020, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the so called long covid cases are actually suffering from an anxiety disorder that has been exacerbated by the media response to the virus.

💬 “There is no hard evidence to support long covid as a distinct disease entity, and the wildly varying, non-specific, and intermittent symptom picture suggests it is actually a conglomerate diagnosis that is being used to describe a large number of different disease entities, and which is being used by politicians and the media in an attempt to scare the hell out of people.

💬 “Regardless, 98% of people with covid have recovered fully within three months.

💬 “Maybe it will turn out that long covid is a real entity after all (distinct from post-viral syndrome, PTSD, anxiety disorder, and so on) when better research is done down the line, but we can’t just assume it based on anecdote, fear-mongering, groupthink, and low quality science.

💬 “That doesn’t benefit anyone, least of all people with other underlying health issues that are not properly investigated because it’s so easy to just blame everything on covid.




Article by A&E Physician below in comments. Also, find the fascinating Swedish insight podcast interview with Sebastian below 👇🏼

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