Boris: Have your life back with my tests & vaccines

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Hang on to… EVERY… SINGLE… WORD. Paraphrased as “Alas, you can have a semblance of life back when you succumb to daily enablement tests, health passports, and a UK manufactured vaccine. If not, permanent lock down for you. Sorry (not sorry)”

This was recorded earlier today (Monday 23rd Nov).

☕️ For those that keep dismissing these claims made by friends they affectionately call ‘Covid deniers’, ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’ as being hyperbolic and nonsensical… I think it’s time you wake up and smell the coffee.

Maybe you like what’s coming…

🙌🏼 Perhaps you love the idea of being micromanaged, told what you can and can’t do, and having your autonomy stripped away from you.

👁 Maybe the idea of intrusive Big Brother surveillance comforts you like a peeping Tom watching over your house to prevent the burglar from breaking in.

💉 Maybe you have so little faith and regard for your body and your immune system that you welcome with rolled-up welcome arms annual experimental Vaccine doses.

🇨🇳 Maybe the idea of your family and kids being micromanaged gives you comfort of living in a surveillance state where ‘good’ behaviours are rewarded and ‘bad/dangerous’ behaviours are penalised.

Stockholm Syndrome

⛓ BUT… even if you subscribe to all of the statements above, surely you can see that the Govt are opening a door into your private lives and actions that is both intrusive, easily abused, and paves the way for less and less personal freedom over the coming months and years?

🤖 Do you like being managed like a number? Like a datapoint? Like a node in a computer network? Like a machine, versus a human being with a soul and and independent thought?

😈 I do hope the country is not suffering with Stockholm Syndrome. If these ideas in this video are embraced, then clearly people enjoy being controlled by psychopaths punch drunk on power and unwilling to give it back… because hey, better the devil you know.

P.S. the subtitles are truly awful, but will make you chuckle. 🤣


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