Comparing 2020 to the 2017/18 Flu Season

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We’re experiencing a very similar flu season to 2017/2018 across Europe. It’s almost as if this sustained pandemic narrative is one big #fraud… 🤔

📆 Just looking though my diary between September 2017 and April 2018. I see no house arrests, tier systems, daily nasal insertion appointments, or evening events cut short due to curfews.

😬 I see no wardrobe choice dilemmas where my suits did not match my designer face masks. I see no urgent appointment to get a vaccine injection to grant me freedom to be social. I see no logged activity in my “let us spy on your every move” app.

⛓ I see no missed meetings, flights or conferences due to being instructed to quarantine myself like an exotic animal at border control. I see no bulk buys on hand sanitizer for my laptop bag.

🚫🤝 I see no request to stop greeting my clients with a handshake or a hug. I see no requests for my daughters to stop seeing their grandparents.

Strange that. 

My bad, must have missed the memo. Must try harder. 😖

EuroMOMO comparisons to 2017




These EuroMOMO graphs show total mortality across Europe, tracked against baseline and broken down by age group. They also show country break downs using z-scores to track excess mortality.



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