The Nastiness of “The Good & Virtuous”

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A country divided. Believers vs Thinkers. “Virtuous” vs “Nutters”. The divisive tools of choice… Propaganda & Ad Hominen attacks 👇🏼

🥊 The world is quickly dividing, as a gaping fault line grows by the day. #Tribalism fuelled by clever conditioning, “fact-checking” propagandists, and powerful egomaniacs thrusting their ideologies on to the masses through social conditioning.

⚠️ Brexit. Trump. Plant-based. Wokeness. All creating the perfect breeding ground for the “COVID Divide”.

And boy, things are heating up now aren’t they?

💉 There’s a venomous anger and hatred percolating – masquerading as compassion and care. The whole year has been pretty ugly, but the blue touch paper has been lit the moment the Pfizer Vaccine was given temporary approval.

It’s palpable.

Popular tools of the “Virtuous”

There are characteristics of the “Good & Virtuous” that are the true epidemic of our time. The real plague:

  • No debate. They’re right. Everyone else is wrong.
  • Laziness. Instead of truth-seeking, they love a good old ad hominem.
  • Deluded. A smugness that they are smart. Instead, all you receive is close-minded indoctrination. MSM Parroting.
  • Defending Egos. The pain is too much. So, they project by attacking.
  • I WIN. Why? Because, I win! – Childish non-existent debating skills. No need to explore and debate with dissenting voices. Instead… #wibble 
  • Start Fights. Not content in the comfort of their “knowing”, they seem compelled to seek our places to troll. Not to explore, educate or question.

Virtuous vs Everyone Else

Remember, Truth has phases

💀 Science is dead. Respectful debate is dead. Open-mindedness is dead.

😡 Instead, we have a zombie apocalypse, where emotions of hate, aggression and fear join with closed-mindedness and clever social conditioning to create division and ostracism.

🤦🏻‍♂️ But, know this. As a species we make a habit of smearing, ridiculing and ostracising those who have dissenting opinions. Until, of course, the world realises they were right….

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”  ~19th century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer

🔮 2020 is a great example of this. Dissenting voices have been prophets on many matters now materialising.

Hypocrite or Pleasant Person?

👉🏼 So, here is a message to all you “Good & Virtuous”. If you are so kind, conscientious and compassionate, how about you show it?

💖 How about you walk the talk? Show the world what a wonderful human being you are by leading with that care, love and harmony.

🖤 Otherwise, I’m afraid to say, you are a walking talking #hypocrite. Someone who virtue signals, but deep down are dealing with a darkness and pain. Riddled with selfishness and vulnerability.

Time to act like adults

YES – this is a confrontational post. We are in desperate need for a pattern interrupt, and I can no longer hold my punches.

😫 The divineness will worsen, unless respect and open-mindedness returns to debate.

🛑 STOP trying to defend your ego by ATTACKING the character of someone else. This is a weak and vile act. 

🤚 Grow up. Stop this nonsense #wibble. Stop the derogatory name calling of “Conspiracy Theorist”, “Tin Hat” and “Anti-Vaxxer”. 

👶 Stop the playground antics… we’re supposed to be adults. How about we start behaving like adults, otherwise we’ll continue to be managed like children.

❓SO… what’s it going to be?

🤷🏻‍♂️ Be a nice human being? Or not?




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