COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form

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Medical treatments come with risks, and the newer the medicine, the more of those risks are unknown. This needs to be made clear to those being vaccinated. 👇🏼

🤷🏻‍♂️ The state of the nation as it relates to COVID vaccines, including the Pfizer mRNA one that has been the first in the world to be deployed this week – onto the UK population ONLY – is still very much a #blackbox.

Having meticulously reviewed the MHRA approval documentation and the FDA EUA briefing pack, we (AdapNation) posted a satirical assessment of the KNOWN & UNKNOWN risks of the Pfizer vaccine earlier this week. [see comment below 👇🏼]

⏱ Time will tell…

🤔 Moreover, there are 14 or so questions and/or design considerations that are absent on the Clinical Trial design, making it impossible to have certainty on potential harms and true efficacy. [see comment below 👇🏼]

🗑 So, in the absence of TIME (the approval was made with only a 2 month median safety period post 2nd dose), and the absence of the RIGHT QUESTIONS, we have to abandon our focus on the Clinical Trials…

👉🏼 Instead, we must now focus on “Phase 4” of the Vaccine Trial – mass rollout. On YOU, your family, and your friends.

🙏🏼 I do hope people realise that they are volunteering to participate in a clinical trial, where their outcomes will inform MHRA, NHS and Govt on the true Efficacy, Safety and Transmission-preventing qualities of this Novel Drug.

COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form

📄 To help with this process of Informed Consent, this document is useful.

⚠️ Vaccinators must as a duty of care be going out of their way to declare the known risks, common and rare side effects, alternative therapies to COVID-19, the demographic-specific risk of the disease to the individual in question, and… that there is a LOT we don’t know – i.e. the person is entering into a Clinical Trial.

💰 Failure to do the above makes them personally responsible for damages – assuming the COVID Act has not somehow waivered the Informed Consent process.

🔄 So, please share this document with those you know who are likely to be vaccinated soon based on age/health status.

👁 They should be looking to make sure that the Vaccinator is covering all the elements of this document to be compliant with Informed Consent. 



The above Form, what we/don’t know about the Pfizer vaccine, and the 14 unanswered Clinical Trial questions all listed within the comment below 👇🏼


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