It’s not the virus, it’s YOU

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👇🏼 Risk comes on a spectrum. Crossing the road, eating, training, driving a car, jumping out of a plane, being a heroin addict, embracing your grandchildren, or being an astronaut. All have their unique risk profile to health and death.

**Thoughts on risk, fear, living, death and this crappy year**

If you are paralysed with fear, you stop living to protect… well, living. Huh?

ℹ️ Life comes with risk.

Every minute of every day there is opportunity for injury and death. A risk-less existence occurs when you are a CORPSE… and not a moment before.

⚖️ The LESS CHRONIC FEAR, the more JOY. To have less fear, you need to better assess actual risk from perceived risk.


😬 I recall a Channel 4 documentary many years ago when a 50-60 year old able-bodied lady was petrified of slipping and falling, and assumed every outside surface was equivalent to an ice rink.

She dressed in full arctic explorer gear, including the sticks. She couldn’t bear going out alone, and over exaggerated every moment and warned of grave danger to all those that would listen.

😥 It was gut wrenching. She feared life itself, and as such had no life. Her fear was completely irrational and her risk assessment was totally off.

She was “safe”, but lived in perpetual fear, and life was one big neurotic mess. She drove herself mad and lived in isolation. She lived for a while, but barely.

😃 Alternatively, there are 80-90 year olds that live a full active life. The connect, embrace, exercise, experience, and take risk every single day.

There are 55 year olds that die from heart attacks and cancer. There are also centenarians that accepted that they could die at any point, yet peacefully passed away in their sleep.

💖 There are 80-90 year olds that would rather LIVE, than waste the final years of their life scared of COVID. They’d rather nourish their soul with family and life experiences that light them up, vs shield in isolation from the inevitable grim reaper (whose appearance they likely hasten).


🤷🏻‍♂️ You can choose to LIVE LIFE, or to constantly FEAR DEATH.

Until you accept death IS part of living, and that you cannot live a full life without being at peace knowing your days are numbered… you will be driven and managed by fear.

When you resist death, you resist life. You experience a restricted existence. You choose to not fully live for fear of dying.

🤔 Can you not see how backwards and counter productive that is?

Transient fear serves us evolutionarily. It’s a biologically driven emotion to heighten our awareness, assess real and present danger, to act swiftly if needed, and then return to parasympathetic baseline.

BUT, fear only has fleeting value. Say up to a minute or so. If you live in chronic fear, biologically you will suffer, psychologically you will suffer, and in turn your life experience suffers. 

❓So, do you want a FULL ENJOYABLE LIFE, or do you want naff existence where you bring on more of what you fear?

It's not the virus, it's you


🎖 Govt’s love to take action and be seen as the heroes, vs delivering the ugly truth and enabling personal agency.

Dependancy. Need. Offering Confidence at the expense of truth. Govt’s live for increasing their relevance and being central to their people’s existence.

🚫 Independence and personal accountability flies in the face of psychopathic leadership, and very much so in the face of those embracing Technocratic Globalism and subtle shifts towards communism.

Therefore, it is NEVER promoted.

❓How much accountability has been promoted to get your health in top condition this year? How about… zero.

AND YET, it’s personal accountability and agency that is EXACTLY what is needed.

🙄 …not the “hand of god” coming down offering miraculous injections, big brother “protective” surveillance, and draconian rules – all in the name of “safety”.


It’s important I say this.

💔 This year is NOT YOUR FAULT.

Large proportions of the global population have been re-wired to think and believe in incredibly neurotic and fearful ways this year.

😢 We have been psychologically abused for the best part of the year, and we can expect this to continue throughout 2021.

What people believe now is unrecognisable to what they believed this time last year. How sad.

‼️ People scared of their own shadow, obsessed about viruses, masking up (!), embracing house arrest (!), longing for experimental drugs (!), scared of catching a cold (!), thinking they are walking targets (!), obsessed with flawed biological tests (!), and perversely addicted to the drama.

Yes, we have a serious case of #StockholmSyndrome – it is truly frightening. Likened to a zombie apocalypse.

But, that’s not enough. Deep down, people know none of these flip-flopping restrictions and rules make sense. 

😞 The only way to sooth the cognitive dissonance and be ok with themselves is to Advocate and Defend their actions, and to Attack those who are not succumbing to the #indoctrination.

This is fuelling #tribalism at unprecedented levels. First it started online amongst strangers, then to acquaintances, then to close friends, then to extended family, and now with Xmas… causing factions amongst immediate family members.

💔 All that said, this is NOT YOUR FAULT.

You didn’t ask for this. You didn’t believe any of this hyperbolic neurotic pseudo-science in 2019.

You didn’t asked to be played like a fiddle. To be hypnotised into a neurotic fearful existence.

😢 You don’t deserve any of this.

BUT… there comes a point when you need to look in the mirror, realise you’ve been had, and start taking matters into your own hands.

Otherwise, you are #complicit in these crimes against humanity and society. Can you handle knowing at some point in the future that you participated in the COVID distraction, whilst our futures were permanently altered for the worse?

❓How will your conscience hold up to knowing you were part of the problem?


Your experience in life is a direct manifestation of your beliefs, thoughts and actions. Not what other people do to you and around you.

❗️The biggest predictor of death caused by disease is ALREADY BEING DISEASED.

It really is that simple.

If you want to live a full life, and not live in fear of death and disease, then you must OWN the avoidance of a chronically diseased body.

👉🏼 That’s ALL ON YOU.

Sorry if the truth stings, but it needs to be said.

✅ Chronic Disease and Metabolic Dysfunction is the best predictor of severe COVID / Respiratory Virus infection.

We don’t live forever, and as you get older, your likelihood of being diseased in some fashion increase, but age itself is not the cause of disease and dysfunction.

👉🏼 The cause of 99%+ non-communicable disease is YOUR diet, lifestyle, thoughts, and environmental pollutants. Effectively a sustained commitment to inflammation, poor nourishment and stress is the path to disease.

It can take years if not decades to manifest disease that has signs and symptoms that lead to clinical diagnosis.

🙌🏼 But, the good new is, in a matter of weeks and months, you can calm inflammation, nourish your body, lose the dysfunctional body fat, and significantly improve you metabolic and immune function.

On the flip side, a commitment to fear, anxiety, a restricted life, a life of lack, a life of social isolation and dispute, a life where joy is but a distant memory, a life where you have no health agency… 

…will accelerate the very thing you don’t want. Disease, health suffering, and susceptibility to all causes of death… including respiratory infections. 😖


❓Are you going to LIVE LIFE, or spend your life (poorly) trying to run away from DEATH?




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