How is Sweden comparing to England now?

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How are 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England vs Sweden 🇸🇪 comparing now? 👇🏼

The analysis below helps you fairly and accurately compare the net effect 2020 has had on total mortality in both countries.

👁 Using the same y-axis, combined with deaths per million minimums, maximums and average across 2015-2019, AND leveraging population size per year – we can really see what is going on at a macro level.

Sweden vs England Deaths Per Million

🔹 Firstly, patterns are similar, albeit England is significantly amplified.

🔹 Sweden benefited from a significant period of below-average mortality until Nov, whilst the more draconian and sicker England had minimal deficit before returning to an excess from Sept.

🔹 That said, current DPM between both countries is similar, with with England only 20 higher than Sweden.

🔹 Where things really set both countries apart is the overall death toll for 2020.

🔹 Sweden has seen a 2.2% rise in deaths when compared to the average, HOWEVER, when compared to the 5YR maximums, they are actually down by 2.6%!

🔹 England have fared much much worse. We’ve seen a 11.9% increase in our death rate when compared to the average, which reduces to 6.2% when compared to the 5YR maximums.

🔹 Said another way, Sweden have experienced a year-to-date deaths excess of 174 deaths per million, whilst England are 5.5x higher with an excess of 956 deaths per million. (compared to the 5YR population-adjusted average)

The evidence continues to mount

🤔 Whilst it’s disappointing that Sweden have lost their spine and folded on a number of NPI’s – effectively softly mapping to the EU norms, the story continues to throw cold water over lockdowns and social distancing (and of course masks).

〰️ I should get a little more familiar on exactly what the Swedish public are doing, but even with a shift towards their European peers, a natural winter endemic resurgence (given mass-testing saga) is inevitable across all countries.

🤔 It’s almost like the 22+ studies on the lack of positive impact from Govt COVID Interventions is spot on. Who’d have thought it…

❌🔐 One of the latest studies on the lack of correlation between Govt COVID restrictions, as well as WHAT IS correlated with deaths per million, is listed in the comment below 👇🏼



Deaths and population statistics taken directly from ScB (Sweden) and ONS (England)



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