England Excess Home Deaths in 2020

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ONS have just published a deep-dive bulletin on the issue of excess deaths occurring at home.

🤭 We have an excess of 52K deaths in England year to date (435K total), yet 25K of that excess occurred at home… versus receiving care within a hospital.

😥Moreover, we’ve seen an excess of 24K deaths in Care Homes – again vs receiving expert care in hospitals.

25K + 24K = 49K …

🤔 How many have died within the actual community – where the increasingly draconian restrictions restrict the lives of all ages?


🔹 The super majority of those deaths did NOT involve COVID-19

🔹 Much of that excess has happened after the Epidemic ruse in March/April

🔹 The majority were of old age – fitting broadly around the range of life expectancy, but looking like many lost 10+ years of life.

🔹 Many home-based disease causes of death have increased significantly, most of which are lifestyle-induced (long term choices).

Excess Home Deaths in England 2020

What do you think?

❓What do you think of this information?

❓What does it say to our healthcare and messaging choices in 2020?

❓What does it say to our ability to truly support wellness and health?




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