England/UK In-Context COVID Update – 31st Dec 2020

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If you believe we are still in an Epidemic, please provide the irrefutable empirical evidence – not meaningless PCR foolery 👇🏼

👁 If you haven’t already, it’s time to face the ugly and damaging truth that the hysteria is disproportionately driven by PCR abuse & NPI’s.

⭕️ Take a look at all the RED Circled areas below. Does this look like a raging epidemic? Especially considering we are in the MOST DEADLY season – winter…

We had an Epidemic in the Spring, but the excess death was part virus and part lack of healthcare access for those in declining health that did not have COVID-19.

Want strong evidence of this? Check out the Dashboard below in the comment, under the Place of Death Insights (Home & Care Homes)👇🏼

COVID-19 England 31st Dec

Peddling a Pseudo-Epidemic

Since the Spring, the WHO, UK Govt and most WHO member states have been milking some flawed notions: 

  1. (a PCR Positive is a Diseased Person, 
  2. Asymptomatic Transmission is a viable public health risk, 
  3. Masking healthy non-symptomatic people does anything, 
  4. that Epidemics have multiple peaks,
  5. forced social isolation is net-positive to public health, and (6) Vaccines and Hyper Surveillance is our only way out biologically.

1️⃣ Epidemics have a SINGLE peak. Effective Herd Immunity is the pressure that has a peak in illness and death decline. Not NPI’s.

Want to learn more about Epidemic dynamics? Check out the link in the below comment 👇🏼

ℹ️ Resurgence of severe illness and deaths from respiratory pathogens occurs in colder-darker months in Northern Temperate countries – a combination of NEW susceptibility created, better transmission dynamics, and changes in indoor social interaction.

⚠️ Combine the above with the totally devastating effect of Govt interventions in concert with complicit MSM and senior NHS leadership, and you create a linked but otherwise unavoidable Public Health Crisis – one of worsening public health and a severed relationship with highly functioning healthcare.

You Have a Choice


❓Will you keep the anti-science alive and kicking through blind belief, advocation, and smearing into 2021, or you will demand for Real Science to and YOUR life to return?

❓You have to be honest with yourself. What’s the exit strategy to this Govt-induced nightmare we are living in?

❓What will end the perpetual hysteria? What will force this Govt, Healthcare and Public addiction to starve out?

❓Is it acceptable to have our lives permanently altered with ill-placed neuroticism? Masks, distancing, annual adult vaccines, freedoms dependant on our surveillance metrics, seasonal house arrests… is it OK for this to forever linger?

✋🏼 This ONLY ENDS when mass PCR Testing stops. Without PCR testing and the backwards Case Definition, the fuel of this Perpetual Pandemic evaporates.

❌ Vaccines are not the answer to good health and safety. Nanny state surveillance is a net-negative to your quality of life and freedom.

You have a choice…

Expose the PCR Abuse

⚖️ Law suits globally are underway regarding the abuse of PCR testing and the global fraud this has created. We are drawing closer to legal retribution.

💉 The UK and Govt’s globally are rushing to get vaccines administered ASAP before the winter pressure naturally declines.

🤫 They are reliant on your blind faith in vaccines to allow them to dial down PCR testing, reduce sensitivity of PCR testing, and declare Govt & BioSecurity Victory.

If you don’t want to live in a perpetual lie, we need to expose the pseudo-epidemic created by PCR Testing and non-symptom Case Definition before they’ve vaccinated everyone who is willing/desperate…

❗️We said this would never let this happen again after the PCR-fuelled Swine Flu, Whooping Cough and other recent pseudo-epidemics. And yet, here we are… the biggest health fraud ever told.

P.S. This is NOT about denying COVID. It’s about honest science, and calling BS on the PERMA-PANDEMIC vs seasonal respiratory impacts.

#SmokeAndMirrors or #FactsOverFear ❓



All graphs pulled from the AdapNation COVID+ Insights Dashboard, where all data is explicitly pulled from official data sources – ONS, PHE, NHS and FHM.

AdapNation COVID+ Insights
COVID+Insights Dashboard


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