OK… School Lateral Flow Testing

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As parents, we’ve just received a notification suggesting the below process. The utter lunacy continues, and it’s NOT OK…👇🏼

❓What are your thoughts on this?

🤷🏻‍♂️ We continue to support treating our kids like lepers – and for what?

Because of the so called “Asymptomatic Transmission” fallacy brought on exclusively through our obsession with the pseudo-pandemic -inducing PCR testing.

😥 Kids are neither at risk or a risk-vector if without symptoms. Get a grip people – we are chipping away at our Children psyches, and will create serious mental and societal issues for them into their adult life if this type of behaviour is allowed to perpetuate much longer.

😥 Not to mention the ever narrowing opportunities for them post-education given the decimation of our economy and their career prospects.

👏🏼 Good one. Brilliant.

🤯 The sickening thing is that MOST parents seem to want this obsession with testing and distancing… (just witness FB and WhatsApp groups)

🙏🏼 Parents – return some faith by replying below with your position on this, please.

School Lateral Flow Enablement Testing

The Original Facebook Post

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  1. In my kids secondary school it is voluntary & under 18’s need parent/guardian signature. I’m hoping this is voluntary all over the UK.

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