COVID Secondary Ripple vs Epidemic Peak

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So how does the Endemic ‘Secondary Ripple’ compare to the Epidemic Peak of Mar-Apr in England? 👇🏼

👁 The main graph is showing you weekly COVID-related deaths of the Mar-May Epidemic PEAK, with the added context of the Total Mortality effects compared to the 5YR average during this period –  in PINK.

🤏🏼 It contrasts that with the beginning of the Secondary RIPPLE starting early Sept, again with the corresponding effects on Total Mortality compared to the 5YR average.

The in-picture graph shows the weekly rate of growth between PEAK and Ripple.

😬 The Grey “?” area are excess deaths that occurred that have not been directly attributable to COVID. I.e. Lockdown-induced excess mortality.

📣 Hopefully no further narrative is needed to see the STARK fundamental differences. We are NOT living in March/April 2020… can someone tell the Govt, MSM and grossly naive Public?

Secondary Ripple versus Epidemic Peak

What Real Scientists & Academics say

🧑🏻‍🔬 This is what esteemed scientists, researchers and academics that have high integrity and deeply understand infectious respiratory disease lifecycles have been saying since APRIL…

💨 An epidemic has a short, sharp impact (height is a function of immune naivety and health of population) as it rips through those truly susceptible to serious infection.

Effective herd immunity combined with a lessening of susceptible individuals causes an Epidemic to peak quickly followed by a long tail.

👌🏼Thereafter, we reach a point of Endemic Equilibrium. The pathogen is now resident, but high herd immunity prevents further material effects.

〰️Serious cases will have a recurring normal and non-dramatic resurgence in the autumn/winter period as susceptibility and transmissibility increases.

It’s nothing to do with masks!

🤦🏻‍♂️ This is NOT about Masks, Social Distancing & different flavours of Lockdown. Stop falling for this nonsense.

🌏 The shape and behaviour being described above is and has been HIGHLY predictable. Why? Because this is how nature and reality work…

😱 But, alas, in times of hysteria and fear, the people want action from up above, and the leaders want to be seen to be doing something… all with the goal of political gain and managing the political blowback.

😔 So, we step into dark #cognitivedissonance, and attempt to keep this nonsensical fire alight to protect our ego and newly formed worldview. Selling off our critical thinking skills to those that scream loud enough.


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ONS Weekly Deaths data for England, up to date as of 23rd Oct 2020.

Understand more about Epidemic versus Endemic:


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