What’s the deal with this Rapid COVID Tests?

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The deeper you dig, the clearer the picture gets. Hancock & Boris are all in on Mass Surveillance & Health Passports 👇🏼

I’ve posted previously on these Lateral Flow tests that have been deployed in Liverpool today, of which Hancock has purchased 20 million and stood up UK manufacturing for ongoing production.

🤔 The last post exposed the selective reporting on the tech sheet, which suggest a 100% Specificity rate (i.e 0% False Positive rate) against the heavily infected samples, but failed to declare its FP rate on negative samples whatsoever.

⚠️ Of course, this is a problem, because the use case for these tests is rapid and cheaper community testing, which will form the basis of Enablement Tests – i.e. with a negative test you can do certain things or gain access to events/work etc.

📣 Cast your mind back to Boris’ briefing last Saturday when he spoke about Liverpool. “With a negative test, you will be allowed to do certain things with other people who have tested negative”.

🤔 Why would the spec sheet for this test NOT declare the FP rate against the 1,100 negative samples. Odd, huh?

Let’s go digging

😳 Well, as these got rolled out today in Liverpool, I wanted to get a little more information. What I discovered was most concerning…

Innova Lateral Flow COVID Tests

💰 Innova is an opportunistic California-based company that was incorporated in MARCH 2020(!), by Chinese native Charles Huang. Charles was educated in Wuhan, and is a banker, investor and founder of a Private Equity firm.

🦠 Seeing the opportunity, he rapidly setup the company and requested a Chinese Diagnostics manufacturer to get busy adapting their Lateral Flow tests to test for SARS CoV2.

In true Chinese efficiency, they created a test for both the SARS CoV2 Antigen and the associated Antibodies.

🇪🇺 Charles’s team managed to strike up global deals of the Antibody test under EUA approval, and got UK & EU excited about this new Rapid Test for the virus itself.

🇬🇧 Porton Biopharma, part of the UK’s defence arm DSTL and owned by DHSC & PHE (Hancock is majority shareholder whilst in position), got involved to be the FIRST evaluators of this test.

🔬 In August 2020, Porton completed their assessment and helped draw up the product spec sheet for this test.

😡 The problem is – in true Govt fashion, they are misleading the population and industry with accuracy rates which ignore the intended use case – testing healthy (non-symptomatic) people as part of a surveillance strategy.

❗️FP Rates are likely 3-5% for this test, but they stated 0%. See papers on Influenza LA tests below.

💷 Well, that was good enough for Hancock. He whipped out the cheque book and procured 20 million doses.

Reimagine the future – Health Passports!

🤠 Inspired by this huge order and the vision laid out as part of Hancock and Boris’ reciting of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Innova branded, developed and marketed their businesses as…

🛂 A COVID-19 company creating the technology and infrastructure for a HEALTH PASSPORT ECOSYSTEM.

No doubt their publicised app has in part been seed funded by the UK Govt too…

👁 Yes people, this is the beginning fo Hancock’s, Boris’, WEF’s, WHO’s and Bill Gates wet dream of Big Data Mass Surveillance and the dawn of Digital Health Passports.

🇬🇧 Liverpool, with its Nightingale facility, armed forces personnel, and tons of these Lateral Flow tests, is the testing ground for a UK Nationwide Rollout… which in turn is destined to be a standard across EU and the world.





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