This #COVID video will make you RETHINK!

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ūüĒĄ This is a MUST WATCH 8min #covid video that should make us all seriously rethink what we believe and support re the #covid restrictions.

This video was platformed by Brees Media, you can find the original on YouTube (dated today, 5th Nov 2020).

Graham Hutchinson is an ex Chief Biomedical Scientist at the Central Public Health Laboratory in Colindale (now called Health Protection Agency’s Centre for Infections). Listen to his credentials – and then hang on to his every word!

These are points he elaborates on:

  1. SARS CoV2 virus drifted massively, significantly reducing its pathogenicity whilst increasing into contagiousness.
  2. Cloth Masks are shown to increase Influenza infections.
  3. Countries such as South Korea have terminated their annual Flu jab after losing 80+ people – likely due to something called vaccine-associated virus interference*.
  4. The disappearance of Influenza globally demonstrates serious issues of miss-diagnosis.

* learn more about Vaccine Associated Virus Interference in comments below, including the associated studies.



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