COVID Admissions vs Discharges – England 28th Oct

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#contextmatters – almost as many people exit the front door as those those walk win – every day👇🏼

🔮As suggested months ago, beginning of Sept would mark the beginning of “Pandemic 2.0 the Sequel”, as that is when we see the annual summer trend of declining weekly mortality change direction.(orig post in comments👇🏼)

⌚️We see this EVERY SINGLE YEAR. You can set your watch by it.

📈 We see this pattern play out in non-planned hospital activity. And just like every year, inpatient numbers start to swell – mostly the elderly and infirm.

This year is no exception.

Admissions vs Discharges England Hospitals COVID

We continue to see discharges almost match admission… but not quite, with this pattern continuing through to February.

Since 1st of October, 3,250 people have died with a Positive PCR #covid test – how many of those had serious COVID-19 symptoms is anyones guess. 🤷🏻‍♂️

🤏🏼 This makes up 5% of all England deaths within this 2 month period.

👍🏼 During this period, 23K have walked in and 16,225 have swiftly walked out again.

👏🏼 All happening, must I add, with this neurotic obsession of MASKS, social distancing, hand washing, and varying degrees of societal and livelihood restrictions (aka destruction).

It’s almost as if MASKS and GOVT RESTRICTIONS don’t work… 🤭




DHSC & ONS data, 28th Oct 2020

🔮Original post suggesting of beginning of Sept marking the start of Pandemic 2.0 HERE


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